Bankrupt American Cities & Suburbia

Busted cities, busted suburbia.

I know about the coming bankruptcy of the welfare state: but it isn’t going to be limited to just that.

Toss in the demographic bust and the declining American work ethic, and it’s going to be an ugly fall.

The only thing Christian orthodox – that is, Divine (Mosaic) Law-respecting – churches can do is push to build up the next generation, to teach them to fear God and uphold the law (mainly: no stealing, no murder, no slander) and to show kindness and support to the weaker members of our local communities.

Some good entrepreneurial know-how is going to come in real handy, too.

Some level of church/community preparation for the coming bust-up would be wise.

Man, this is going to be bad. “Strength for the journey”, indeed.

“And if we do our job right, our grandchildren will have a better world than we did.”

“Not exactly a glorious prospect, working so the world will be substantially better 80 years from now.”

“It’s pretty certain, if we do our job right. For one thing, our enemies aren’t particularly interested in building a better future for their non-existent grandkids. And 50% of winning is 1) just showing up for work and 2) not giving up when things get rough.”

“Well, maybe.”

“And that was exactly what the old apostles were working for. And the patriarchs of old. The growth of God’s Kingdom is slow and difficult, but sure over the long term. Indeed, the wealth of the Western World was built on economic growth of 2%-3% per year, not this nonsensical debt bonanza of free stuff that is grinding down the middle & working classes.”

“And voted for by those same classes.”

“Some lessons must be learnt the hard way.”

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