Doing Business God’s Way

I was catching up on a video I missed, when I heard their interesting recommendation for a book: Doing Business God’s Way by Dennis Peacocke.

It’s a good book title, better for marketing purposes than the earlier title. I still love the earlier title, though: Almighty and Sons.


One of the best things about the book from the native website is that it is available in a range of languages. It’s long past time that more good Christian business (and even basic Reconstructionist!) material came in a range of languages. Peacocke can, and does, break past linguistic barriers in his work. I like that.

True: translation technology continues to progress, so if you’re on a budget, I can understand the decision to skip the translation. However, if you can make a proper translation, do so: translation software is about 80 – 90% accurate, so a lot of nuances and details get lost with machine translation, even as the basic idea properly does get transmitted.

Details matter.

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