“The Opposite of Love…

….is not hate. It’s indifference.”

Christian societies must be more caring and compassionate – especially to the weak, the vulnerable, and the stranger – than non-Christian societies.

Also, note what is not seen: the videographer expects the Chinese common folk to help each other at need.

But the Chinese common folk only look out for blood relatives. Everyone else is on their own. And it is the State (or the clan) that is supposed to control relations between each other, not the individual.

The common decency of shared ethics, rather weak in any opportunist/pragmatic/non-Law based culture, is simply so much dust after the shredding of the old Confucianist/Taoist ethic during the Cultural Revolution (and the decades of civil war/race-hate Japanese invasion beforehand.)

Our Betters today in the West work hard to destroy the common sense of shared decency, law, and behaviour within the West: and they have succeeded in many ways.

No limit to State Power!” the sophisticated voices of Western money and power demand.

Just like in China.

The success of these men is not because they are so great, but because we Christians have chosen to be weak, and do nothing, in order to protect our own comforts (see: government checks to European clerics) and our own social status (see: White American Christian unconcern to injustice done to Black American Christians.)

If we are going to take out the speck in their eye, we must get rid of the log in our own. We know more about God than they do, so we are rightly held by God to be more responsible for changing our lives and our nations, and leading the other nations by example…

…and not by imperialism. Nobody needs Christians — of any colour! — invading their country, waving guns around, and stealing everything while shouting about Our Undying Love For The Lesser Breeds.

It’s time to walk another way.

The hard, self-sacrificial, but victorious way Christ showed us, long long ago.

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