COVID-19: Big Science Demands the Trust It Isn’t Getting

An excellent article from Creation Evolution Headlines has been published.

I would have copy-n-pasted it here entirely for posterity’s sake, but I was asked not to do so, so I won’t. (But you can at least save it to your own archives!)

I am allowed to copy a bit, though. After a long list of articles regarding COVID, Coppedge notes the following:

—<Quote begins>—

QUIZ Time: What do all the articles listed above have in common?

ANSWER: The are all authoritarian. They are elitist. They are totalitarian. Information flows down from experts to peasants. No questions allowed. The only concern is how to get the peasants to submit, because many of them are wallowing in “misinformation.”

Other odors emanate from these articles:

  • All of them support the Democrat party and its policies.
  • Wherever Republicans or conservatives are mentioned, they are put in a bad light.
  • Lies and blunders from leftists and Democrats are rarely mentioned. When they are, their shifting policies are excused.
  • None of them show any concern about the flood of Covid-infected aliens being allowed into the country.
  • No legitimate conservative sources are ever consulted. It is all from Big Science and academia.
  • There is only one right position. The question is how to get everyone to agree with the consensus.
  • Each one justifies restrictions on individual liberty on the grounds of science.
  • Non-vaccine options, like therapeutics, are mentioned only to debunk them, especially if President Trump spoke favorably of them.
  • President Biden (Democrat) can do no wrong.
  • None of them accuse the Chinese for covering up data and starting the pandemic.

—<Quote ends>—

Coppedge places a higher value on the danger of COVID that I do, seeing it as a reason to fear otherwise perfectly-healthy migrants entering the US. I dispute the entire business of barring immigrants who aren’t military invaders, criminals, or plague carriers1 from entering the country, but that’s another story.

Excluding that one point, I agree with Coppedge. This entire mania is nothing but a political exercise in gaslighting the general population – with certain temporary exceptions for Democratic minorities – into obedience.

Regardless of any evidence, and without discussion or debate, or consideration of law, or legal precedent. You get no voice, only they are allowed to speak.

But they want you to trust them.

The answer, of course, is no.

Power, they have. But legitimacy?

That’s dying off, good and fast.


1And no, COVID-19 isn’t nearly as dangerous as the plague. Or even the “Spanish flu” of 1918. As I would not punish Americans who have a particularly nasty variant of the flu — just as they were not punished during the Asian Flu epidemic of the 1960s, a demonstrably more lethal disease than COVID-19 — so I would not punish immigrants who have it. “One Law for All.”

And yes: all these novel and untested COVID restrictions regarding masks and restrictions and bans have nothing to do with evidence-based disease control, were never used nor necessary before the current mania, and were never supported by scientists before the Gates/Bush II drive for maximum control from about 2005.

All of this repulsive lust for more arbitrary and scientifically unnecessary police powers is about the need of the Politically Superior to punish the Politically Inferior.

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