The Better Romans

Romans 6:18
By noxesh
Romans 12:21
By noxesh

Just as there is a better Jerusalem, there is a better Rome.

The New Jerusalem comes down from heaven above. The Rome that matters also comes from heaven above… and still stands today, long after the Rome of emperors and legions became but dust.

Koch says the most important leader he wrote about is the Apostle Paul. He thinks Paul was the greatest of all leaders. He changed the world more than any other leader. I agree with him. I agree with him to such an extent that I have decided to write an appendix on Paul’s career for my book on leadership, which has been typeset. This is the crucial point: Paul’s time perspective stretched into eternity. He had the most long-term time perspective of anyone who ever influenced Western civilization directly.


When I write my appendix on Paul next week, I am not going to have nine points. I am going to have five: mission, service, teamwork, mastery, and inheritance. I recommend them to you.

Gary North, Nine Characteristics of Super-Successful People

The Apostle Paul is the Roman citizen that matters.

Not the First Citizens Julius or Augustus Caesar.

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