The Demand for Sacrifice Continues

But de Custine’s insight went beyond the particular issues of the Russian government’s psychology; it applied to all tyrannies and all authoritarian regimes. His conclusion was this: Tyrannies always demand of their populations – under slogans like “loyalty” and “patriotism” and “faithfulness” and others – enormous sacrifices for things and activities that produce nothing of real value, except for ostentatious display. After so much effort and expenses, the practical results will be minimal; the poor people drafted into such undertakings, or having to pay in taxes and dues for them, will receive no improvement of their lot. But the tyrannies who lord over them will have their satisfaction that they have demonstrated some greatness, built upon human suffering and deprivation and even deaths. Sacrifices for trifles, that’s the common factor of all tyrants.

The Show-Off Instinct of All Tyrannies
Bojidar Marinov
“Tyrannies always demand enormous sacrifices for negligible returns.”

COVID-19… now being broadened to COVID, to get rid of the date and permit some kind of forever war against all forms of influenza, everywhere… smells like one of these tyrannical demands of the population.

“Strictly for their own good.”

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