Sex Slave Christian Corruption

A fast copy-paste from Joel McDurmon:

Many of the attempts to explain marital teachings in Scripture (Gen. 2-3 and Eph. 5:21 ff.) come across to me nowadays as superficial and shallow. And this is dangerous. Here’s why.

I used to see these passages in such superficial ways myself, but I believe the call to grow in faith and understanding, and thus faith, love, wisdom, and the fruit of the Spirit, require us to see far more depth and power . . . and sacrifice . . . in these teachings than the surface reading and application of a “form,” “hierarchy,” “structure,” or “roles” for marriage that some have traditionally demanded, and others still demand as “biblical” today. I also strongly believe there is much damage, especially to women, that results from these superficial views and the practices derived from them.

To that end, I want to share this article. One of the more influential of such superficial treatments, which turns out to be very shallow and one-sided as well as damaging, is Love & Respect by Emerson Eggerichs. To that end, I was shocked-but-not-shocked to find out that an actual BDSM practitioner (and professing Christian) who advocates sexual violence, literal master-slave roles (for weeks at a time), and being “literally a god” to his wife advises his wannabe audiences to use Love & Respect as a gateway to persuade their Christian wives who would otherwise be reluctant to allows such things into their home and bedroom (imagine that). He says Love & Respect puts them in the right frame of mind to adopt the rest.

This BDSM speaker keynotes at a *pagan* patriarchalist Conference which also features a CREC pastor as a speaker. Go figure.

I believe that what passes as “biblical” patriarchlism is more often than not a thinly-baptized paganism, derived more from classical Roman and Greek paganism, filtered down through the ages. It is really the fall of man and his lust for dominance justified with biblical passages and language. The “biblical” versions of it are superficial, and their superficiality provides a cover for paganism and sin, and now, a gateway into extreme perversion.

The link McDurmon give points to Love and Respect is Being Recommended to Coerce Women into BDSM Relationships.

Follow the link, and read what is said.

Christian men really need to stop inviting Satan into their families.

And we need to stop with the ungodly power-trips.

If we don’t stop voluntarily, judgement will come on our heads. And rather quickly, too.

“But for centuries, the Muslims…”

Muslim men don’t carry God’s name: we do.

Pagan men don’t carry God’s name: we do.

Enlightenment men don’t carry God’s name: we do.

Therefore, WE will be punished first for our treasonous evil first, not them.

Greater knowledge means greater accountability.

And when we turn away from our evil, we will be rewarded for our repentance.

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