Republicans Profiting From Conservative Laziness

I am going to give you another example of why the conservative movement is impotent. It is impotent because it accepts the rules of the Left.

It is philosophically impotent. It is organizationally impotent. This movement has had only one major victory since 1945: the defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment a generation ago. That victory was because of one woman: Phyllis Schlafly. If she and her Eagle Forum troops had not stood firm against it, it would have passed.

The conservative movement raises enormous quantities of money from naïve donors. The fundraising strategy is to scare the conservatives to death. The conservatives send their money to these well-endowed outfits. Then the outfits hire lots of high-paid college graduates who then pretend that they are organizing something of significance to resist the spread of the state. It is all a charade. It is a gigantic wealth-transfer operation. I have watched it since the mid-1970’s.

Gary North, How to Win the Fight Against Critical Race Theory

Why do conservatives do this?

As Bojidar Marinov correctly noted, the Conservative movement – and even American Christianity – would be rather better off (maybe MUCH better off) if all that money was spent on making and consuming high-quality bourbon.

A far wiser, and more enjoyable choice, than feeding the lying Republican political machine.

A little money-sacrifice to the Conservative priesthood is no substitute for time, commitment, and properly spending your money. Not on some political operator, but in alleviating local poverty, job training and apprenticeship programs for youth, care for the elderly, building up non-state dispute resolution systems, etc.

You can successfully fight critical race theory. You can make certain that your children are never exposed to it. How can you do that? Pull your kids out of the public schools. You can homeschool them. You can pay in time and money to see to it that your children are educated with the textbooks, videos, and reading materials that you approve of. This is a practical approach. It is also based on a moral principle: parents are responsible for their children’s education. The state is not.

If anybody doubts that this is the morally correct approach, he should read Robert Thoburn’s book, which I published: The Children Trap (1986).

The conservative leaders know better than to rely on family responsibility to get something done. They know they cannot trust their supporters. They know their supporters are statists on the inside. The donors are not about to take responsibility for their children. They pay little attention to what their children are taught. They do not read the textbooks or talk with their children about what they are being taught in school. They wash their hands of this responsibility. They have turned it over to the local school district. They are content with the arrangement.

Gary North, How to Win the Fight Against Critical Race Theory

Born slaves are slaves. Regardless of race.

But God commands us to be free, free of the rule of Our Betters (who near-universally despise His Law… and therefore, despise Him.)

But freedom really isn’t free. You are going to have to think, and going to have to work, and going to have to sacrifice time and energy and money.

And if you sacrifice money, you had better track how that money is spent. If it’s wasted, stop giving. If the money does nothing, stop giving.

Be a good steward!

[Conservatives] are products of the public schools. They do not read books on the theory of anything. But they are hopping mad. They want to do something about it. What are they going to do? They do not know. But they are not going to do one thing: pull their kids out of the public schools.

The American Left figured this out back in 1837. They have never deviated from their support of the public schools. They know that they can get control of the bureaucracies that run the public schools. This has been going on since the formation of the Board of Education in the state of Massachusetts. That was the single most successful social revolution in American history. It dwarfs the long-term effects of the American Revolution itself. It even dwarfs the effect of the Constitutional Convention.

Gary North, How to Win the Fight Against Critical Race Theory

Free Stuff ain’t free.

The ghettos teach this. And so will the children of all those American Conservatives.

Christians sacrifice their children to Moloch to save a nice chunk of money & time.

Then, they wonder why they always lose.

Fifty years ago, the big fight was over sex education. Not for ten nanoseconds did the conservatives have any input on this issue. The sex education juggernaut rolled over the schools and all parents who attempted to resist.

The grandchildren of that generation are now going through another indoctrination meatgrinder. Their grandfathers do not pay much attention, but some grandmothers do. So do a handful of the mothers. These are the mothers who join the PTA. They actually think that the PTA is anything but a well-designed institution to de-fuse public criticism of the local school system. The mothers join for as long as their kids are in school. Then they resign. They are replaced by the next set of public school graduates who think they are going to make a difference in the PTA. It works like a charm.

Gary North, How to Win the Fight Against Critical Race Theory

Conservatives are experts at learning nothing.

“That’s why they call them conservatives.”

Christians who place the Commandments and the Law above either wing of the Enlightenment — Right-wing or Left-wing — are going to have to do better than that!

And get off the bus of multi-generational losers.

“But hey, at least Republican party hacks and propagandists got a nice living out of it!”

With this as background, let me analyze a recent article published on the Federalist website: “7 Ways the Conservative Movement Should Fight Critical Race Theory.”

I will say in advance that all seven of these ways call upon conservatives to donate money to conservative pressure groups, think tanks, and public interest law organizations to force the state do the right thing.

All seven of them involve taking control of the rules-making organizations that govern the people who have the badges and the guns who go out and compel the public to fund the public school system. […]

The lady who wrote the article simply assumes that this system of education is legitimate. Not only is it legitimate, it is a good idea. Just take coercion and put it to productive uses. Badges and guns must be used to favor conservative causes.

Gary North, How to Win the Fight Against Critical Race Theory

Born slave-masters are slave-masters, too. Again, regardless of race.

God did not set His people free, so they can be the next generation of Masters and Oppressors, liars and killers and thieves.

So long as we insist on going down the road to hell, we will continue to be punished.1

And lose. Again, and again, and again.

God expects better. God demands better.

There are no free lunches. You must pay for the reform you want.

Gary North, How to Win the Fight Against Critical Race Theory


1Conservatives will continue to be punished and humiliated publicly, because they claim to be on God’s side, and then slander His name.

Blasphemy is a crime that most Progressives don’t bother with, as they never claimed to care about what God wants or doesn’t want.

Even more importantly, Conservatives know more about the Bible and the Commandments than Progressives do.

And God judges people based on their knowledge of Him. Ignorant pagans are judged lightly… eventually… while willfully disobedient Christians are judged harshly and swiftly.

Right before your very eyes.

Over, and over, and over again.


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