Pornography as Slavery

Before I started to work here, I thought some women did it totally at their will or they did it because they really wanted. I thought only some women were exploited in the industry, and I wanted to help them. But what I discovered is that there isn’t a single woman who agreed to appear in adult videos while being informed about everything, consent to it, and also being mentally stable.

So now I can’t help but think that this industry is supported by human right violation.

The issue came to light in 2016 when a Tokyo-based human rights group reported the unethical practices in the porn industry to trick young women into performing sex acts on camera. Also, the police arrested a major adult talent agency’s president and two others on suspicion of labor law violations.

Contracts matter.

But do does deceit, psychological manipulation, and exploitation of the weak, the young, the ignorant, the trusting, and the vulnerable.

Ergo, there are times – especially when it is the strong oppressing, exploiting, and grinding down the weak for the profit and pleasure of Mighty Men – when the contract is null and void, regardless of signatures.

And in porn websites, there’s often ‘revenge porn’ as a genre. So people know that revenge porn can be used as a product to make a lot of money.

Rape as entertainment for men.

Sadly though, I don’t think people who have been producing porn in Japan really cared about the actresses physically, mentally and legally.

Christians in America need to clean our own yard first.

So let’s do that.

We can’t do much regarding Japan: but if we repent and clean our own land, that would be a great help for the good guys in Japan. “Good Models Matter.”

And an even greater blessing for ourselves.

Repentance matters.

Considering that, I’d like viewers to ask themselves “Does this naked woman in this porn I’m watching right now “really consent to show me her naked body?”

Even if she said yes – very unlikely, but theoretically possible – Christian men should say no, and turn their eyes away.

It’s time to build a better world.

And we are the ones called to do it.

First in our hearts, then in our families, then in the communities.

Then in the local governments, then the state and major cities, then nationally.

And then the world.

It’s time for the Kingdom of God to grow.

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