Scottish Common Sense

There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.”
– Proverbs 14:12,
– Proverbs 16:25 ESV

(God repeated that verse for a reason.)

Scotland, once renowned as the home of the philosophy of common sense, is slowly going bonkers.

Exhibit 1: to the dismay of rape victims and Scottish feminists, the Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre, an organisation which helps female victims of sexual assault, has appointed a transwoman (ie, a natal male) as its chief executive.


Exhibit 2: Scottish feminist campaigner Marion Miller has been charged with hate crimes after posting allegedly “homophobic and transphobic” tweets. In an appalling assault on free speech, Scotland has passed a little-noticed law against “hate crime” that not only covers public statements but remarks made in private. In practice, of course, it will chiefly protect those minorities most likely to complain about what they see as offences against them. Far from eradicating “hate” in Scotland, they have simply created a new aristocracy that must on no account be offended.


Exhibit 3: As if that were not bad enough, Scotland will allow four-year-olds to change their name and gender at school without their parents’ consent. According to the government’s new inclusivity guidelines, it is possible to “come out” as transgender “at any age” and the views of young people should be respected if they do not want their parents to be informed.


Scotland’s common sense philosophers must be turning in their graves. Gender is a purely personal category constructed by the individual; in real life nobody can change sex — they can only change their pronouns.

The trans trends which are sending Scotland mad
by Ann Farmer

Of course, the point of the right-wing of the Enlightenment — that “Scottish common sense” the author so strongly supports — was to get rid of the rule of a Deity that did things that didn’t match common sense, from raising the dead to punishing powerful men for their moral failings.

“Don’t walk by faith. Walk by sight!” cried out David Hume, et al.

Most people judge by their senses as to whether an individual is male or female – and the fact that there are two sexes is one of the very few facts of life that a four-year-old is able to grasp – but in Scotland people are being told to ignore common sense and obey government diktats.

The trans trends which are sending Scotland mad
by Ann Farmer

Everyone must have faith in something.

So, the Scots have decided to have faith in an all-seeing, all-knowing government that can judge and punish you for your private communications, and insists that you call that man a woman because he has a gender-change certificate from the men with badges and guns. “Who are you going to trust, the money and the power or your lying eyes?”

Play stupid games. Win stupid prizes.

But at least the ex-Reformed, State-adoring (read: Baal-worshipping, as Baal means King, Lord, Government Authority), God-despising Scottish Enlightenment Common Sense philosophers got the Lord and Master they wanted.

Well, for a while. Intensely anti-Christian governments have a habit of destroying themselves.

But, it’s also interesting, that the most Reformed areas on the planet – the Netherlands and Scotland – have the deepest contempt for God and His Law.

It reminds me of Jerusalem of ~AD 30… and the inevitable follow-up on AD 70.

Christian Reconstructionists, take note.

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