Afghanistan and Education

Afghanistan, playing the US and the Soviet Union against each other:

“I feel happiest when I can light my American cigarets with Soviet matches.”

And meanwhile,

“The most daring of these reforms was an educational program that allowed Afghan students to study at American universities. It was a critical win for Washington. Education is culture, and culture determines ideology.”


“You see, since the 1950s, hundreds of Afghan officers had studied military sciences in the Soviet Union. Their curricula however went beyond military subjects, and included Marxist-Leninist ideology. As these officers were indoctrinated into Communism, they came to view their own country through the lens of Marxism. So when the officers returned home, they passed on their Marxist-Leninist ideas to their fellow countrymen.”

In the meantime, Christians fight desperately to get their children into the hands of the best – and most pointedly secular – universities of the nation.

As opposed to their own fourth-rate Christian universities and hard-core defeatist seminaries.

“It’s too much work to struggle for excellence in our own institutions, to drive out the deadwood and the compromisers and the seat-warmers . It’s far easier to just send our future where the most respected degrees can be earned, to drink deeply of the ideology of those who hate us. The career benefits are amazing!

And Our Betters laugh and laugh.

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