Muzzles and Mask Compliance

—<From Tom Woods: Tricks the maskers play: how to counter them>—

Here’s some advice from ol’ Woods for when people try to tell you that masks brought the virus numbers down in some place.

Always check. In virtually every case the numbers were already coming down before masks were mandated.

It is extremely common for government officials to try to take credit for already-existing trends. For instance, you will hear that workplace injuries declined by X% after the creation of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). What you should ask is, what was the trend before the creation of OSHA? Answer: workplace fatalities were actually declining even more rapidly before there was an OSHA!

In Florida, local officials, stymied by Governor DeSantis, are desperate for something that might make them look important. They’re obviously hoping that mask-wearing, including in schools, can be implemented fast enough to take the credit for the obviously inevitable decline in Florida’s numbers.

The problem for this scheme is that it looks like the death numbers are coming down already (and yes, that modest hump on the right-hand side of the graph is what had the lunatics screaming “DeathSantis” in recent weeks; they were basing their screeching on high but meaningless “case” numbers):

Now on the other hand, deaths in Germany appear to have come down after the introduction of a medical-grade mask mandate, so it’s tempting to say, well, score one for the mask people.

But wait a minute.

There’s a nearby country, with virtually no masking of any kind, medical-grade or otherwise, showing exactly the same trend at the same time:

Meanwhile, the American Academy of Pediatrics, which has a case of childhood mask fanaticism, is now systematically removing references on its website to any suggestion that babies might need to see human faces.

Anything mentioning the importance of faces in child development, including “Face Time and Emotional Health,” and a description of how adults can enrich infants four to five months old that involves repeated reference to facial cues and expressions, is now gone.

Want to try to correct all this lunacy? You’re the one who will wind up with a “fact check” under whatever you say!

If it’s all getting to be too much, come join me in my uncensored group where no stupid creeps “fact check” us.

It’s the Tom Woods Show Elite, and it’s exactly what the non-quack doctor ordered:
Tom Woods

—<Quote ends>—

I didn’t know the American Academy of Pediatrics would be quite so intensely evil, as to remove any and all reference of the need of babies to see human faces.

It’s not that the experts are wrong, or made a series of dumb mistakes. It’s that they are quite intentionally cruel and vicious in their quest for political conformity and security.

And rest assured, the COVID mania is 90% politically-driven, maybe 8% backed by the legitimate medical fears of the old and the obese, and about 2% governed by testable, reproducible science.

(I’m completely ignoring the financial windfall for medical companies and government departments. Not smart, to put it mildly.)

—<From Tom Woods, Can we cause them enough pain to make this stop?>—

Meanwhile, all eyes are on Florida, because the media establishment despises Ron DeSantis, but lunatic Washington state just set an all-time record for hospitalizations:

Oregon, according to news reports, just had someone die in the emergency room because no ICU beds were available, even though 70% of the public is vaccinated, kids are masked in school, and there’s a statewide mask mandate.

But there’s a different standard for red and blue states.

When the numbers go up in red states, this is a sign that people are misbehaving, not following science, being selfish, etc., and their political leaders are being stupid and irresponsible.

When the numbers go up in blue states, well, the experts are stumped and it’s just one of those things.

—<Quote ends>—

As I said, COVID-mania is 90% political.

—<Quote from Tom Woods:
The forbidden country just scored another win against COVID>—

Today it’s back to charts again.

Let’s start with California.

California has just matched its hospitalization peak from last summer, so I guess we can expect the media to pounce on Governor Gavin Newsom, right? (Haha, sorry, you and I already know the answer to that.)

The chart below shows states in the mid-Atlantic region. These states have different policies when it comes to schools, masking, and vaccines, and yet you’ll notice that their hospitalization trajectory is exactly the same:

The crazies hate charts like this because it undermines their favorite pastime: demonizing their opponents by blaming them for the virus.

—<Quote ends>—

Electing the right – read, Democratic – leader does not provide a salve for our ills.

And of course, salve => salvation, or healing.

So political salvation is a fraud and a delusion. Who woulda thunk?

People should be free, to protect their own health, as they decide. Not as their government owners dictate.

I know, I know: people don’t want to take responsibility for their own health. They’d much prefer to look up to their Political Masters to Save Them.

Christians should know better. It’s FAR smarter to pray to God, than to look to politicians for healing.

But I wonder… how many Christians are willing to give up Medicaid/Medicare? Or “free” government education for our children, for that matter?

God judges us by our actions. Not by the ideology we spout with our mouths.

Expect those slave chains to get good and tight over time.

Those muzzles, too.

—<Quote from Tom Woods:
The forbidden country just scored another win against COVID>—

Now for probably the most important of my three graphs for today. This year Sweden, even during the Delta phase of all this, where mitigation measures have been light at best and schools have been open without masks or distancing, excess mortality has actually been lower than normal. I have included the United States in the graph for something to compare Sweden to:

What does it all mean?

It means we live in a society based almost entirely on lies. It’s really extraordinary.

Not just COVID, but on one thing or another we’re routinely expected to believe things that are certainly untrue — and if we don’t believe them, we can suffer ostracism, loss of employment, and other penalties meted out to heretics.

If you point them out on Facebook, you risk getting yourself banned.

Years ago I realized the writing was on the wall when Facebook suddenly required me to review every single post inside my private group, the Tom Woods Show Elite, before it would be published. I knew that was the last step before the group itself would be shut down.

Rather than give them the satisfaction, I moved us onto a platform with no censorship and no idiotic “fact-checking” by morons.

Things are much better now.

Find knowledge and courage and camaraderie inside:
Tom Woods

—<Quote ends>—

I said it before, and I will say it again: American Christians need to figure out why God kept the COVID prison lockdowns away from pagan Sweden, and slapped them on much of the supposedly God-fearing, liberty-loving United States.

We are doing something wrong, something that brought down God’s wrath upon us.

We need to know where we sinned, and repent of it.


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