A Future for the Righteous

I agree: the Starlight Problem is something worth working on.

But the real key is the youth, the intelligence, the poise, and the competence of the gentleman speaking here.

As we often say, science is worthless without integrity. Science is always mediated by fallible humans who are not above the laws of logic and morality. Don’t follow the science blindly. Follow the good science with critical thinking.

Don’t Follow the (Bad) Science
David F. Coppedge

That’s where it comes down to. Objective reality exists, and there are actual laws in reality – moral as well as physical laws – that need to be respected, if we are going to progress and expand our ability to work with our universe.

A good foundation leads to solid, profitable expansion of our knowledge and our nations. So long as we are able to recognize that we can be wrong – looking into ideas that can be disproved – and accept negative feedback as well as positive feedback, we can go places.

This is an infinitely better position than supporting a theory that cannot be disproved. Just as engineering techniques are more interesting than a just-so story, with millions of years of random chance supposedly removing the need of intelligence and planning.

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