Ending the Opioid Disaster

….5 times more deaths than gun violence.

The fact that the self-serving Establishment crushed an actual American Hero, does not take away the value and importance of his work.

Dr. Punyamurtula Kishore’s work should not be forgotten. Instead, it should be pushed forward, for the benefit of the weakest and the poorest among us who suffer from opioid addiction.

I certainly pray that God will crush the repulsive medical establishment that currently takes great joy in smearing the weakest among us: “Now moving up from tearing apart the pre-born to impoverishing the lower and working classes!”

But to reconstruct a medical culture and profession worthy of respect, Christians will have to get involved, in the name of the original Healer of the Nations, the Protector of the Weak and the Small. The actual saviour (salve=medicine) of men, women, children, and peoples, poor as well as rich.

Something the government-back medical guilds and corporations have zero interest in.


Rebuilding the medical profession takes work. It’s time to get started.

(Hat tip: Gary North for the video)


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