The Disciplined Few, The Spineless Many, and the End of the Cults

Church Law
R.J. Rushdoony

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This week I had a long letter from a very fine man, who wanted me to comment on a new book by Skousen, The Naked Capitalist, which is really a condensation of Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope. It is a book about conspiracy, and about how this liberal Quigley, and I have the book and it is a very interesting one, goes into at great length about what they have done in the last hundred years. And admittedly through groups that are more or less conspiratorial groups, there is no denying it.

Now, the feeling of many people is, that such things are the key. And yet when we go back to the third century B.C., when Rome was young and vigorous, we find that a conspiracy was uncovered in Rome, the Bacchanalian Conspiracy, the essence of which was that everything that you can do is right, that there is no crime. “Do what thou wilt” is the only law. And they were planning to overthrow the Roman government. They had grown so powerful that they numbered over 50% of the people of Rome in their group. And yet Rome had no trouble in suppressing and destroying them. Why? Because in young Rome in those days, there was still discipline on the part of enough people, so that an undisciplined group, an immoral group, such as the Bacchanalians, were easily suppressed even though they were in the majority. Discipline gave power. And this is the essence of the matter today. Our problem today in church, state, school, everywhere, is that there is a lack of discipline. That there is not an element in the group that has sufficient discipline to maintain the group as a whole. And it only takes a very limited number to provide discipline that will maintain the entire body. 

For the church to forsake the word of God as the source of discipline, is to bypass the power of the word for anarchy and for decay. True discipline is thus a learning process which is furthered by the Holy Spirit.

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God almost always gain His victory by using disciplined, committed minorities.

The utter failure of the institutional churches of today is not so much a matter of political power — just how influential the Apostle Paul was in the court of Caesar, anyways? — as much as a direct function of their bone-deep hatred of the Law of God.

Despise the discipline, the authority of God… spurn His Holy Spirit… ignore the direction of His Law-Word… and you’ll get the wages all worthless servants get.

As for that disciplined, committed minority? The ones who hunger to expand God’s Kingdom and the reverence for His Name in the real world?

The ones who have no time for a Christianized version of a powerless, escapist, but politically safe Roman Mystery Cult?

I believe that they are out there, and that they are on the lookout for better leadership than the anointed and certified seminarians has given the People of God over the last two, three centuries.

The End of the Comforting Mystery Cults…

…and the rise of the Kingdom of God.

This is why Stephen Perks says it best when he describes the true nature of the Kingdom – what it was always supposed to be.

“The kingdom of God is a counter revolutionary prophetic social order structured by the covenant of grace—the true society that God intends for mankind. This social order is what all Christians are commanded to seek now, on earth, first, before all else. It is not something that we merely look forward to in the resurrection, but something we are to seek to make a reality on earth now. Without this being the central goal of our life the assemblies of Christians, i.e. the Church, becomes merely a Christian mystery cult—which alas is what has happened today. Therefore, the most important thing we are to seek as Christians in this life is the establishing of this social order as a real community, a real society. Nothing else in our life comes before this according to Jesus, since he tells us to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness.”

Churches: We Are Not Mini-Temples

Going to the original source, we can continue the quote:

Righteousness means justice, not piety. But please note that the Church is only part of this kingdom, not the whole of it, and it is the usurpation of the kingdom by the clergy, who are predominantly dualistic cult builders, that has caused and continues to cause such problems for the building of the kingdom, and has reduced the kingdom to the Church, over which the clergy exercise control. In other words the kingdom is reduced to a Christian mystery cult, with the result that it becomes ineffective as the real agent for the transformation of the world, which is what it should be.

The Kingdom Of God Is A Social Order

“Righteousness means justice, not piety.”

Keep an eye on that one.

Therefore, the most important thing we are to seek as Christians in this life
is the establishing of this social order as a real community, a real society.
Nothing else in our life comes before this according to Jesus, since he tells us
to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness.”

Oddly enough, Jesus Christ did not place a church hierarchy or an institutional power structure – religious or political or clannish – at the centre of all things.

There is the Church Universal, and the Kingdom of God that said Church, that Body of Christ, is expected to be building up.

The End of the Cult,
The Rise of the Kingdom

Quoted from

Church Planting – Totally Cockeyed!

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Jesus never told us to plant churches. He said he will build his church. He told us to seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness (i.e. justice, not piety) and the Great Commission he gave us is a command to disciple nations, not plant churches. Churches are a consequence of the Great Commission not its goal. The goal is all nations embracing the kingdom of God and living according to his covenant. For nigh on two thousand years Christians, at the behest of self-appointed clergymen, which are nowhere to be found in the New Testament Church, have been reversing this order, insisting that we should do Jesus’ job and that he should do ours. Is there any wonder that the Church across the board is in such a dysfunctional and paralysed state? We should do what Jesus commanded us to do and let him do what he promised he would do. Our first priority is the kingdom of God and Christian nations, not churches, and until we stop idolising the Church, which John Owen so aptly described as the greatest idol that ever was in the world,* and obey the Lord Jesus’ command to disciple nations things will continue to go wrong, as they are so evidently doing now.

Of course these “Churches” are not what the New Testament means when it talks about the ecclesia. The institutional Churches are networks of mere Christian mystery cults, not communities of God’s people living as a Christian social order and discipling the nations by modelling to the world what true society should be. The word ecclesia is a political term, not a cultic term. There were words that could have been used in the first century to describe the meetings of Christians as essentially devotional mystery cults, which is what the Churches are today. But the Bible avoids these terms like the plague, and uses instead an intensely political term that was guaranteed to provoke the Roman political authorities like a red rag to a bull. The ecclesia is the assembly of the demos  (the people) for political purposes, in other words it is the parliament of another political order, the kingdom of God.

The Church has become a second rate alternative to the kingdom of God, and Church planting a third rate alternative to the Great Commission to make Christian nations. Jesus never commanded us to make disciples of all nations. He commanded us to make all nations his disciples.

—<Quote end>—

A disciplined man of God obeys God.

Not objective cultural failures, claiming to speak for God while denying His explicit commands.

The first order of business, then, is to build Christian nations from the ground-up.

Not by way of some top-down Emperor, in the style of Constantine.

But from the heart of a man to his family, from one house to the neighbourhood, from some towns to the county, and – approaching the end of the road – from many counties to the States, and then on to the capital of the nation.

God has no interest in networks of devotional mystery cults.

He is interested in having ALL the nations of the world obey His Law-Word.

It’s time Christians got disciplined, and interested in what God is interested in.

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