Rushdoony Audio Books

From the latest missive from Nathan Cockney, from Facebook:

—<Quote begins>—

Here’s what I have achieved, together with Jeremy Walker and Grace Community School, since last sharing my progress.

There are more than a dozen new audiobooks available on Audible.

A full list of available books is available here

I hope that this helps spread good Bible teaching to many in the coming months and years.

Newly available books –

Revolt Against Maturity
Our Threatened Freedom
Good Morning Friends Volume 1
The Philosophy of the Christian Curriculum
A Word in Season Volume 7
In His Service
Law and Liberty
The Biblical Philosophy of History
This Independent Republic
The Sermon on the Mount
A Word in Seasons Volume 6
The Death of Meaning
A Word in Season, Volume 4
A Word in Season, Volume 5
To be as God
Noble Savages

Newly Recorded Books –

Institutes of Biblical Law Volume II
Institutes of Biblical Law Volume III

I hope this letter finds you well, you can help support the work here

—<Quote ends>—

And don’t forget Pocket College, or the Chalcedon bookstore for more Rushdoony goodness!

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