In Search of Equality

Quora: What was the breaking point for you with the “progressive” left?

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Chris Longford, Been having an S&M relationship with politics for 30 years

The first significant disappointment with the left that I recall feeling was in 2010, when Barack Obama seemed a little too happy about Michael Vick getting a second chance at football — and a $100 million dollar contract — after he was released from prison for torturing and killing dogs. It’s fine for him to feel that way (free country) but for the president of the United States to actually pick up the phone and call the Philadelphia Eagles owner to congratulate him seemed excessive. Vick took part in exceptionally heinous and brutal crimes against dogs and was the most hated person in the NFL (for good reason). And here is Barack all happy for him. Why?

Because of his race (and his fame).

And I knew deep down inside that if Michael Vick had been white, the phone call would have never been made. There is no way that a “second chance” for a white dog killer would have inspired that type of phone call from the President of the United States. Not from this president or any other. Dog killers don’t usually generate much sympathy from anyone. They aren’t called “man’s best friend” for nothing.

I loved Obama, and at the time I was actively rescuing pit bulls from high kill animal shelters so it hit me especially hard. But what made it worse was how my fellow animal rescuing friends were remaining silent about it. Or excusing it anyway they could. And I knew that if it had been George Bush who did this he would have been seen as the devil, an evil dog hater, and they would have blasted him 24/7.

That was when I started noticing the inconsistency.

I also started noticing that this fight against racism was slowly turning into something else. Something I didn’t like. Something that didn’t feel like equality. It started feeling more like a new form of favoritism and discrimination. I had been a strong supporter of equal rights my entire life. The first family vacation in my memory was a trip to Selma, Alabama and Memphis if that tells you anything. My mother is white/Jewish and my father is Sudanese/Muslim (both are atheist now). So, I’m mixed race (and mixed everything) and share a lot in common with Obama and was an enormous Obama supporter. I don’t think he had a bigger supporter than me (and my family). We were positively elated that a black man had been elected President of the United States. It felt like the idea of a post-racial America was finally in sight.

But while I was still an Obama supporter, after the Michael Vick thing (and with me being such a dog lover) I felt disappointed. Truly let down. Democrats are usually the ones championing for animals so I guess it was just really unexpected. I also felt a little embarrassed because it seemed to be reinforcing the stereotype that black people don’t like animals.

Anyway, after a while I started noticing that Obama seemed to only speak out in a formal way when it came to black victims. It didn’t feel balanced. I’m a black person, so I appreciate the support, but I’m also a white person. So is my mother, so are many of my friends and loved ones. And so is Barack Obama. And I do believe that most of this stuff was due to pressure to please the left and black voters. But over time, and especially after Donald Trump was elected, it started feeling like the “pro-black” movement on the left was turning into something anti-white, and in a very blatant way. And I’m not directing this at Obama, I mean coming from the left. I don’t think Obama is anti-white, I think he just showed too much favoritism. And favoritism is what those of us wanting equal rights had been complaining about all along. It’s why we have Affirmative Action. Anyway, some of the stuff I was seeing and hearing from progressives was starting to bug me and it felt hypocritical. But I still considered myself on the left because it was part of my identity and being on the right was not even a consideration. I still voted for Obama a second time.

Then there was Michael Brown.

And there was Obama again, now along with BLM and the violent rioting, acting like black people are the only ones getting killed by police. I mean, the police have killed hundreds of people of all races, but here we are again making a black person a giant focus over everyone else. And treating it like he was just an innocent boy hunted down by the police for “walking while black”.

He was doing a little more than walking. Michael Brown shoved a store clerk and then threatened him with his size over some cigars and the clerk called the police and reported a strong arm robbery. The cop approached Brown based on description and he ended up becoming violent and shoved the cop and punched him in the face. There was allegedly a struggle over the cop’s gun and it discharged. We don’t know exactly what happened after that because witness statements vary, but we can assume the cop felt threatened. Who wouldn’t?

Was shooting him necessary? I don’t know, I wasn’t there nor do I know how at risk the cop felt at that moment. But everyone was making Michael Brown out to be this innocent kid gunned down for simply walking down the street. The media was even using pics that were years old. But the dude was actually 6’4” and weighed nearly 300 pounds. And if he tried to take the cop’s firearm that’s enough to get anyone shot if they come charging back in any way. Why was so much of this being overlooked? It seemed like the only reason was because of his race. I realized then that the left, with the help of the media, was using black people as pawns for political reasons. If they keep black people and white progressives angry, they will keep voting for them. It’s a strategy. Malcolm X tried to tell us this in 1964.

I suddenly felt like a pawn. I felt used, and deceived.

(Edit: I would like to make something very clear. If a group had been formed in response to the killing of Tony Timpa or Daniel Shaver (or any other white person) called “White Lives Matter” and the media and the left or the right was making it out like only white people were being killed by police I would feel exactly the same way and you would be reading a big long post about that insteadThe issue I have is the false narrative that only one race is being affected, and placing more importance on one race than another. Because that’s not equality.)

Fast forward to George Floyd and BLM.

I don’t even know where to begin here. Don’t get me wrong, the cop was negligent and brutal and should have been punished. He deserved some prison time. But there is literally no evidence of this being a racist crime yet it was being treated as such because of the races of the cop and the victim. So even though folks are getting killed every day in this country, thousands each year, the whole world stopped for this one person. His death was tragic and hard to watch, but again, it seemed like the tremendous response was only because he was black…and a victim of a white man. Something the left can use politically.

George Floyd’s death was tragic, but does he deserve a statue?

Floyd was a felon with multiple arrests, an armed robber, someone who terrified a woman alone in her home by pulling a gun on her while his friends ransacked her house and then stole her car. He was a habitual drug addict, someone who hung out with gang members, and did porn….and he was suddenly angelic:

I know, I know, his crimes weren’t punishable by death. And he was still a human being. But what exactly is going on here? Why does everything get so exaggerated and taken to such illogical extremes? Angels? Statues? At a time while we are removing statues of historical figures who we now see as bad men, we are erecting one of an armed robber? Does this make sense? And if we can forgive one for his past mistakes…why can’t we forgive another?

And what about all the other victims of police brutality? Why do their lives seem to matter less? Could this be why some say “all lives matter” rather than racism? Can we at least consider the possibility?

And why doesn’t the left show as much concern for the little black kids getting shot almost every day in gang crossfire? Beautiful, sweet, innocent children. Where is the anger? Where is the outrage? Where are the marches? Where are the social justice warriors? Where is the media? Where are the celebrities? Where is BLM?

Aniya Allen, killed in Minneapolis in May 2021. Shot in the head by a gang member.

I care more about her than George Floyd. Where is her national protest? Where is her angel mural? Where is her statue? WHERE IS THE LEFT?

Why aren’t we talking about dismantling gangs—professional criminals who regularly kill children and are pretty much the reason why homicide is the number one cause of death for black males under the age of 44with the same level of passion and outrage as defunding the police?


If you even bring up these kids getting killed with anyone on the left they get angry, deflect, “yeah but…but” or change the subject. Why? Why can’t we talk about these kids? Why can’t we talk about gangs? Is it because it doesn’t benefit them politically?

Nothing makes logical sense.

They even went so far as to say that millions of people protesting George Floyd’s death slammed together shoulder to shoulder like sardines — with masks pulled down under their chin, sharing megaphones and screaming in each other’s faces —they said it wouldn’t spread COVID. I’m sorry, what? The same people who won’t shut up about vaccines and masks said that these protests wouldn’t contribute to the spread of COVID.

AGAIN, I’m sorry but WHAT?

Does that sound even close to logical?

Then later when African Americans are affected by COVID more than any other race and have the lowest vaccine rates, the left tries to blame it on racism. As if that is the only possible thing that could be the cause.

I’m sorry but I just can’t.

And as an added bonus to the madness, the left is now capitalizing “black” when referring to people but not white or brownAnd the worst part about it is that they don’t even see anything wrong with it. They can’t even see they are singling black people out as being different from everyone else. We aren’t, so please treat us the same as anyone else. That’s all we ever wanted. Okay?

This illogical reasoning, the excuses, the silence, the extremism, the violent riots, and using racism for everything is why I no longer consider myself on the left.

Once upon a time the left did a lot of good in the world. I don’t think that can even be denied. I was proud to consider myself on that side. The side that fought for justice and equality. But they have just gone too far and crossed over into something else. Their concern for one group now feels more like discrimination or even hatred toward another. Whether it’s based on race, sex, gender, sexuality, or whatever it is. I see people on the left wishing death upon anyone who doesn’t wear a mask or even laughing when they die.

They now seem like the party of vengeance.

Today, so many of the folks on the far left are completely irrational and intolerant and it’s impossible to reason with them on anything. It’s either their way 100% or you are a bigot, a racist, an Uncle Tom, or “you ain’t black”. End of story. There is no gray area, it’s only black or white (no pun intended). Most of them just seem flat out crazy to me now. Just as crazy as the people on the far right who I have criticized for years. They are just a different type of crazy. So don’t get me wrong – I have a major issue with them, too – but this question is about why I no longer consider myself on the left.

I want no part of either party. No thanks. I will just sit here in the middle and drink my tea.

I would like to respectfully ask those who get this far reading my answer (thank you btw) to please take a few minutes to read this piece by Coleman Hughes called Stories and Data. It’s important for the healing of our nation. Peace. [1]

[1] Stories and Data

—<Quote ends>—

What we need is Equality Before the Law.

We didn’t get it with White Christian America. Promises, yes. Reality, no.

And we aren’t getting it with Woke Progressive America: neither promises, nor reality.

The only people who are interested in equality before the law are Christians.1 And, we need to bring about in reality, not just talk about it.

The other belief systems neither know nor care about legal equality: they merely want the Right Religion (or the Right Race, or the Right Ideology) to dominate/exterminate all the others.


  • “All men under God’s law,”


  • “Inferior men under the yokes Superior men create: yokes they are pleased to call ‘law.'”

That ain’t justice under God. That’s just the powerful looking out for themselves at the cost of the powerless, as usual.

Jesus Christ came to change all that. And it’s time we Christians – White, Black, and all the others – got with His program.

We must change thing, for the better. Because no one else is going to.

Most certainly not the Progressive ideologues. They just want to change the faces of the Masterful Men, instead of placing all Masterful Men under God, who is no respecter of persons.

1Jews are commanded to do so, but they have chosen to place the self-serving traditions of men above the commandments. Just like all the other nations.

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