Fascism: Socialism for Hypocrites

I was reading one of your dad’s position papers, and he called fascism “socialism for hypocrites.”

Right on the money!

We are going to have to learn to be free again.
To once again govern ourselves, in terms of the Law-Word of God.

Just because the Great Default is inevitable, doesn’t mean that the masses won’t roar for a new Leader and a new Control System. “Masters and Experts to Keep Us Safe!”

  • Lots of Russians would like to bring back Stalin, and the current Chinese administration are pushing for a Mao-lite form of Communism.
  • But the demographics of both nations point to a no-future destination. Just more dreaming to restore lost glory.
  • Note that the Western position – in the US and Europe – is not much different.

I expect lots of people, including lots of churches, are going to blow enormous amounts of money and energy in the post-Great Default era, flailing about trying to resurrect rotten old corpses of political power, national glory, and social security nets.

But salvation is not by politics, and the carcasses of our erstwhile political saviors are going to stink up the place for quite a while.

(How do you know that the situation is hopeless for the Lord’s enemies?
Look at their birthrates.)

We need not stick around for the stink of the evil political corpses, never mind the bloat and the maggots. We should spend our time creating new, local, decentralized groups, with the myriad of independent and (if they wish) networked, mutually-supporting groups based on Biblical Law and the Priesthood of All Believers.

Work now, with your people around you, for the trials and the victories to come.

When the masses realize that the Good Old Days are dead and gone, then, one by one, they can be shown the light of reality.

It’s quite likely that their children and grandchildren will learn to love liberty, as much as their forefathers loved their safety. That is, their chains and the reliable supply of leeks and onions.

“You can’t have one without the other!”

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