Acceptable Politics

An Acceptable Government

Given bipartisan acceptance of New Deal entitlement programs and laws forbidding discrimination against individuals on the basis of race, gender, and sexual orientation, Democrats could claim to be the party of the American center. Unfortunately, the “woke” left wing of the Democratic Party, based in the universities, the NGO world, media, tech platforms, and corporate HR departments, insists on dragging the Democratic Party ever leftward into new and doomed crusades, including defunding the police, open borders, the warmed-over 1960s Black Power rhetoric of “critical race theory,” the replacement of standard English with the weird totalitarian newspeak of intersectional terminology (like “birthing parents” for “mothers”). While it might be defended in a campus seminar, this kind of cultural progressivism is politically toxic.


My argument is not that the Democrats should be a culturally progressive party that tolerates economically liberal cultural conservatives. Rather, my argument is that the party should be neutral on many cultural issues. To achieve a big majority rather than a bare majority, the Democrats should be an inclusive party that is center left on economic issues and supports race-neutral or colorblind civil rights for individuals (as opposed to groups), while not taking official stands on most or all hot-button cultural issues. Support for Social Security and anti-discrimination laws should be litmus tests for inclusion in the Democratic Party; support for defunding the police, lax immigration law enforcement, and race and gender quotas should not.


The Democratic Party, in short, should be a big-tent national political party that welcomes cultural progressives as one of several constituencies, but is not controlled by them. This would not be a surrender to free market neoliberals: It would be a return to the New Deal tradition at the expense of both the New Left and the neoliberals. If the Democratic Party is unwilling or unable to prevent the progressive minority of the population from hijacking and defining the party agenda, then have fun, my Democratic friends, grumbling on the political sidelines about the evils of structural racism and the injustice of the Electoral College.

How Democrats Can Become the National Majority Party
by Michael Lind

I doubt if the Democrats can pull this off, given their cultural and class positioning.

Then again… since they DO represent the Money and Power and Media and Academic classes, they can afford to lose elections for the next 20 years with only a few ruffled feathers. Regardless of who is elected, the massive majority of government employees, police officers, and educational professionals will remain Democrats… and THEY will shape the country.

Not some fly-by-night, Junior Party seat warmers.

“The Loser Junior Party can fight to lead the country during any coming recession/depression.
Our rule will merely be social and implicit, rather than from the executive chair.
When things blow-over, the actual masters of the country can publicly take over.
As it was always meant to be.”

Certainly, the Republicans are in a much better position to enact these recommendations to win elections – as if they mattered, in an Administrative State. Remember Trump’s Rainbow White House? In contrast, I’ll let you wait for the next time the pro-life is spoken of approvingly by Biden. Or any future Democratic President, for that matter.

“Losers are Losers. Winners are Winners.
And Power always sides with the Winners.”


An Acceptable Fascism

In the midst of a major economic crisis, both Republicans (Bush’s Patriot Act, drafted by Clinton) and Democrats (Obama’s hatred of whistleblowers, upheld by Trump…as well as the low-key extermination of the very concept of private property) have given a future Man on a White Horse all the powers he needs, without a single new law needed.

The text of the executive order has no number on it. It is 13603.

Wikipedia reports:

‘In reality, the order updated long-existing directives that have been issued ever since the Truman administration. Such presidential directives update the resources covered under the Defense Production Act, which was enacted in the 1950’s and is reauthorized by Congress every few years. The act “allows presidents to delegate authority to various federal departments and agencies. For example, Obama’s order authorizes the secretaries of Defense and the Interior ‘to encourage the exploration, development, and mining of strategic and critical materials and other materials.'”

It is still on the books. Any President may invoke its provisions.

Gary North, The Day Obama Wrote an IOU in Your Name on Everything You Own

Said Man on a White Horse will need the support of the bureaucracy, the media, and academia to rule with confidence. So, either a Republican with Democratic policies, or a Centralist Democrat with an air gap between himself and the more annoying Progressives.

The public may be mildly irritated by some flavours of the Progressive movement, at this moment.

(As the solid majority of American Christians will continue to send their children to the Free public schools, this irritation will fade with time. As always.)

But while some cultural issues may irritate for a decade or so, the love of Free Stuff across all Americans (with some unimportant and trivial exceptions) insures that the current bipartisan soft-fascist order — always getting a little harder, every single day — will continue.

The proof is in the budget.

“Just slap some neutral-to-conservative social poses on the screen – not the laws, just the optics – and you will have the Acceptable Fascism that Roosevelt pioneered, and is solidly supported by the vast majority of Americans. Maybe toss in some easily winnable war – not in the Middle East or Asia, but in Africa or Latin America – for fun and more cool uniform displays.”

The problem is when the budget is busted, due to unacceptably high interest rates.

“Unacceptably high” looks to be in the 3%-6% range, by the way. Something that would be quite low, in most of human history.

This hypothetical interest rate spike, coupled with a declining employment (tax-paying) population relative to the tax-recipient groups (especially the elderly, but also the permanently unemployed), coupled with declining family formation and births, points to a steady slow grinding away at the foundations of the economy.

Unacceptable Politics

When the budget starts to seriously shrink, when the supply of Free Stuff begins to dry up, is when Acceptable Politics no longer cuts it.

And when what was once Unacceptable Politics begins to show up.

Unacceptable Politics, incidentally, has nothing to do with dictators or tyranny. Both parties have welcomed the rise of unaccountable power, so long as the Privileged get their financial cut and their cultural pleasures, and the Official Forms of Democracy are maintained to keep the rabble quiet.

Unacceptable Politics is the breakup of centralized authority.

Unacceptable Politics is the frank, open, and sustained defiance of the Will of the Aristocracy.

That simply will not happen, so long as the pork and the checks flow from Washington.

But, when the checks stop, what was Unacceptable becomes Acceptable.

Just as it was for the Soviet Union. Or the British Empire. Or Imperial Rome, for that matter.


All empires fall.

Only the Kingdom of God is eternal.

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