Praxis: “…Another Door Opens”

If you’re interested in apprenticing to start your career with a full-time paid apprenticeship (as opposed to loading up on debt at a college), Praxis is an interesting alternative.

But check out Tom Wood’s offer: it could well be more profitable than going directly to Praxis. But, Wood’s offer is time-limited!

From Tom Woods, Here’s how to save your kid in a world that hates you

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In the United States, the ongoing COVID craziness is nowhere more in evidence than on college campuses — even, or perhaps especially, in the Ivy League.

The restrictions, the masking (mask up between bites and sips), the bans on socializing, all of it is inhuman and ludicrous — and being implemented by and on the very people who believe themselves by virtue of their intelligence to have a divine right to rule over us.

On top of that, many universities are now requiring COVID-19 vaccination, even though the vaccines in question do not prevent the spread of the virus and should therefore be of no interest to any college administration.

What are you (or the students in your life) supposed to do?

Well, if you heardĀ episode #1979 of the Tom Woods Show, you know about one option: Praxis.

Many of you will already be familiar with Praxis, which I’ve featured on my show multiple times, and which a whole bunch of Tom Woods Show listeners have prospered with over the years.

The idea is simple: instead of spending years racking up debt and listening to low-IQ propaganda, you get an apprenticeship at a startup company and gain work experience.

At the end of the Praxis experience you are offered a job with the company you interned with. So you have a job, no debt, and years’ worth of income before your friends who followed the traditional path, and who probably owe in the five figures, earn their first dollar.

Praxis is also offering special scholarships for students faced with COVID vaccine mandates.

They’re planning a live session for Tom Woods Show listeners so you can find out how Praxis can help you (or, if you’re a parent, your children).

It costs nothing to attend, and it could give the student in your life a massive advantage in a world where everything seems stacked against us.

Click here to register:
Tom Woods

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