No True Scientist

That… was pretty good.

And I like the definition of a Christian: someone who obeys the Law, and so recognizes the Lawgiver, Jesus Christ.

“If you love me, you will keep my commandments.”

John 14:15, English Standard VErsion

A two-thousand year plus definition, that the modern Institutional Church has chosen to despise, by and large.

Leading – Surprise! Surprise! – to the death of that false witness and worthless servant, by and large.

(There are exceptions… exceptions that will inherit the future.
But they are few and far between, in the West.)

Smart question, with a smart answer.

Now, he doesn’t address all the corruption in the church today: but that isn’t his duty. And that would be too much of a load for any mortal man!1

But he is correct to focus on the critical points he addresses:

  • Either God created and so owns heaven and earth, or He did not.
    • The Owner may lay down the Law on what happens on His property, and what His servants may or may not do, just as He pleases.
  • Either the Word of God actually speaks the truth and is historically reliable, or it is not.

1While it’s impossible for anyone to take on all the corruption within the Institutional Church, we can all turn against it, when it is uncovered before the light. And – unlike the governments of the world, Secularist and otherwise – we can support the whistleblowers when their cause is just and have evidence to back their claims.

If you are not part of an Institutional Church, you can work on the corruption within your own heart. Plenty of work there: just ask the Holy Spirit for details.

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