Taking It Easy

Well, life isn’t that easy for Postmillennialists. Since we must 1) be filled with the Holy Spirit to 2) properly build the Kingdom of God in time and on earth, we have plenty of work to do, spiritually and physically.

But, in another way, life is exactly that easy for those who uphold the Great Commission. We don’t need to waste time and energy in obscure doctrinal fights against other Christians regarding which form of irrelevant escapism is correct. We can instead focus on obeying Christ now, in reshaping both our inner spiritual world and the outer public world into a form that better pleases the King of Heaven and Earth.

Less noise, more signal.

Less heat, more work – and more light to the nations, too!

Our job is not to escape the world.

Our job is not to dominate the world under some unified clerical religious empire, either.

Our job is to change the world, to disciple the nations under Jesus Christ.

Many nations, many peoples, many governments, One Lawgiver.

Trinitarianism, Justice, and Liberty for the win!


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