Abiding in the Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God is best served when we are most abiding in Christ and relying fully on his grace.

I would have rolled my eyes at the simplicity of this three years ago, but sometimes the most beautiful and powerful truths are also the most simple.

John Reasnor

It seems to be a perfectly Biblical attitude to me.

Now, I believe in work, and fighting where victory is possible (after counting the cost!), and changing the world that we see around us for the better.

But as a certainty, mere labour and planning and commitment – separate from the Holy Spirit – will accomplish nothing of value.

There is a time for rest, and a time to simply listen to the Spirit of God. And we all have different work fields: not all, or even the majority, are expected to directly oppose the forces of Satan in public.

Don’t forget the spiritual power and authority of the Babushka. Even under the yoke of the most oppressive and malicious regime in history.

(Or, perhaps, just the second-most evil government in human history: the historical debate rages…)

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