Lying… the Smart Way

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It’s easy to attack the Empire, in any game and in any era.

But if you assume the existence of Objective Reality – and not all of us do – then you have to draw the line at lies, implied and stated.

The first thing to know, and the, the context of this island is that everyone wanted it. Always. This place is located so perfectly in the Mediterranean at the crossroads of Europe and the Middle East and Northern Africa, that it is so perfectly strategically located. Everyone wanted it.

Everyone wanted it. It was the Persians and Alexander the Great. And then of course, the Romans show ups with their Jesus religion, and do that thing.

“The Romans shows up with their Jesus religion, and do that thing.”

Being an Establishment Man means having a certain way of looking at the world, and sharing certain opinions of certain selected religions.1 In return, there are certain real benefits for being Established: you can be confident that Harris’ videos are in no danger of removal by YouTube for having Inappropriate Opinions that Violate Community Standards.

On the other hand… the Romans would resent being slandered in the manner Harris briefly indulges in. Au contraire, the Romans would insist on sharing the contempt of Harris (and the many who share his social class and station), although they would express it more explicitly.

That is, without the filtering of ~1500 years or so of Christian morality and ethics. An attitude towards life the Marxists would cheerfully demonstrate… or the Progressives, who are more careful about bad optics.

And so this is the climax.. This is actually where the conflict becomes a big deal.

[Newscaster] “1955 saw Sir John Harding as governor and commander in-chief, attempting to reconcile a Greek and Turkish viewpoints, all British proposals, however were rejected and a long period of riots and outrages followed.”

The British realized that these divisions between Turks and Greeks on the island, that they had helped create, were now getting out of control. So they pulled a page out of their old playbook.

[Newscaster] “And a new British plan described as an adventure in partnership.”

The plan was a classic one, to gather in London for a few days, with a few leaders and outside powers and decide for the Cypriots, how their country was going to be run. And that’s what they did. They all sat in the room and they wrote a constitution for Cyprus and Greece and Turkey were like both in the room. And they were like, we know that you sort of want to like join Greece maybe, or maybe you want to have your own country. You’re going to get neither of those. You’re going to be an independent country. And we’re going to create this really clever constitution where the president has to be Greek, but the vice-president has to be Turkish. And there has to be like a certain number of Greeks and Turks. And like they created this like really clever constitution that was going to make everyone happy in theory. And then they’re like, you’re going to be independent. But we, the British get to stay here with our bases and Greece and Turkey get to kind of have power still. Like if something goes awry, like they can swoop in. If they really need to, that was like a caveat to this, this agreement that they made in London. And in 1960, it happened.

There are two ways to lie: the One Big Lie, and the Half-Truth Dance.

This is somewhat smoother version of the Half-Truth Dance. Certainly, the British Imperials tried to play the Wise Leader between the two parties; and certainly, they tried to come up with a really clever solution… that flopped in the end.

But I don’t doubt that they really did intend to have Cyprus remain in peace.

But the real lie was slipped in at the beginning, with the framing of the divisions:

“The British realized that these divisions between Turks and Greeks on the island, that they had helped create…”

We already know – with “the Romans = moronic Jesus religion” – that Harris’s relationship with the truth depends on how it fits the Narrative and today’s political expediency, and not with actual history. Here, he positions the British Empire as the Evil Outsider dividing and fostering hatred between the peaceful natives…

…except, that wasn’t actually the case.

Justin dV
The production and discussion of the Cyprus situation is great quality, but it glosses over the internal actions of the various Cypriot communities.

As an African and post colonialism, there’s more at play than the British once nations gain independence. Political, economical, spiritual leaders are all involved in determining the direction of the country. Makarios was a huge influence, the coup that led to his exile and Turkish military involvement before his return also impacted the situation.

It wasnt just big powers at play but Cypriot, Greek and Turkish, had their own massive involvement.

Mark Axworthy
So, I learnt from this that Britain DIDN’T “rip this island apart”. The British tried ineffectually to keep it together. Why the false headline? The Greek/Turkish divisions predated British rule and post dated it.

jack Gray
Harris delivers decent pieces of journalism, he has his biases but a definite gripe of his is the British. It’s a shame because an otherwise good piece of journalism is stained by a clickbait/ ragebait title. Often times when the British are involved, yes they can be attributed to part of the problem. However I often find it’s a smoke screen used by the current natives to try to gloss over the current racial ethnic hatreds they have towards each other( that still continue today). And that the problem that persists is not one caused by a boogeyman but rather complicated histories and deep ethnic decides that predate the British empire. Blaming the Brits is an easy deflection from the problems a population faces and ignore the nuances that comes with a complicated history and ethnic/religious divides. Like I said a shame Harris has to stoop so low when he comes to a title.

And yet…


First of all, thank you for making a video for my country! Just a few notes:

(1) Ottoman rule was not as you present it exactly. The native Greek/Christian population was discriminated against, had to pay far higher taxes, Greek testimony was not accepted in courts, and in general Greeks/Christians were treated as second category people.

(2) The whole “partition” thing was invented by the British when the majority (Greek) population revolted against them (let me know if you want video evidence from the 50s for this). They applied a divide and rule practice by (a) promising to the Turkish minority gains on the expense of the majority if they collaborated with them, and (b) by arming them and turning them against the majority. This way they turned the Cypriot revolution into a civil war, and this is how they managed to keep 3% of Cyprus under colonial rule. To this day Britain is hell bend in not allowing a proper solution to happen in Cyprus. They want divisive, apartheid kind of arrangements in order to ensure that Cyprus will never have a unified government that can demand the end of British colonialism in Cyprus. This is why they blackmailed the majority of Cypriots to accept the so called “independence” in 1960, and this is why they are hell bend in having as a “solution” something like the “Annan plan”, which would keep Cypriots divided and ad odds with each other, while they continue to use Cyprus unobstructed.

(3) In the 1963 the Greek Cypriot president proposed changes to the constitution which would reduce the vastly disproportional privileges that the British granted to the 18% of Turkish Cypriots, but they would still maintain more powers than nearly every other minority. Turkey rejected this and the Turkish Cypriots initiated a conflict in order to give to Turkey a pretext to invade Cyprus and enforce partition. Their plan was for this to happen in 1964, but their invasion then was stopped by the USA which didn’t want to risk a war between Greece and Turkey.

It’s not that the British Imperialists are the good guys. Far from it.

It’s that the natives have their own agency — gasp! — and are quite willing to fight amongst themselves. This hostility existed FIRST, and THEN the British made (…and make…) use of it, for their own profit.2

A good and righteous judge looks at ALL the pertinent facts.

Not just certain selected useful ones, that fits the power-political-cultural positioning needs of the moment.

So you’re telling me that some British ministers made an agreement on paper concerning a foreign land ,devoid of cultural considerations and political foresight that led to decades of conflict ? No way…3

It is best to avoid the game of Empire: the costs outweigh the benefits, either slowly or quickly.

1 During the Roman Era, it was natural for power to be its own justification. But today, thanks to a certain ‘repulsive belief system’, you need to paint yourself as a victim, and the enemy as powerful.

Therefore, it is politically useful to paint Christianity as a Roman religion, a claim that conceals a lot more than it reveals.

But a carefully-phrased half-truth was always the best kind of lie.

2I am confident that Soviet intelligence picked up the usefulness of creating a frozen conflict, to insure the political safety of an Imperial military base… especially a naval one.

*cough* Crimea *cough* Ukraine *cough*

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