Random Psalm of the Day Generator (KJV)

Well, I liked the Random Psalm of the Day Generator (KJV). Maybe you’ll like it too.

Some people think that this life is only a preparatory life and is therefore unimportant St. Nikolai, in Prayers by the Lake, talked (I forget exactly where) about how birth and death are only an inch apart, and the ticker tape goes on forever.

This makes what we choose in this life incredibly important. We can only “save for retirement” between birth and death. We can only repent between birth and death. After death, improving the lot we have eternally chosen in this life will be impossible. 

Why I’m Glad I’m Living Now, at This Place, at This Time, in This World
by CJS Hayward

No, I am not interested in Orthodoxy: too much mysticism and escape, not enough discipling the nations – including their governments and their legal systems – under Christ and His Law-Word, in time and on earth.

Still… if even flat-out Marxists and Darwinians can get it right – once in a blue moon, but still – then Orthodox believers should get their chance to be heard.

Trusting with contentment in God’s direction of our lives is the root of some wise thinking. God really does know what He is doing. And – unlike the Orthodox – we know that His enemies will be forced to cede ground, step by step, year after year (with the occasional resurgence, admittedly), until Christ and His Law-Word is indeed publicly recognized as King over All by every human nation and institution, everywhere.

Just don’t get hypnotized by the temples. That’s a deceit and a cheat.

Piety isn’t the point. Righteousness is….
… as declared in the Psalms, and throughout the Bible.

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