Local Issues and a Real Man

This is the kind of complex local issue we should get a grip on, and solve successfully, before we go on to anything better. Cutting our teeth in things that matter to our neighbours, and earning our stripes in the smaller matters that really matter, right where we live.

The core problem here? Things don’t stay the same. The value of the dam shifted from power generation to improving property prices, but the cost of ownership was never shifted to the people who benefited. Meanwhile, the state government made expensive demands the dam owner could not pay for, and also refused to pay for any changes.

This is why in the Netherlands water management have their own independent government structures with full responsibility for an entire river or catchment area. Some have existed for 800 years and they have their own independent elections and tax. This is essential in a country that is largely below sea level. Those windmills? Yeah we used those to manage the water for centuries.

Yes, the Dutch are a bunch of pagans: but if they have a good solution that is fair and just for all parties, I’ll listen to them. And the man did say “centuries”: rumour has it that the Dutch were believing Calvinists, back in the misty distant past. Perhaps modern believers can still learn something from those long-gone to be with the Lord…

Mike Fochtman
Great point about how many of the people that benefit from such dams are NOT responsible for the maintenance. Hydro dams have a myriad of conflicting demands on them. Power generation, flood control, recreation, irrigation… Everyone involved have there own agenda and the owner/operator finds themselves pulled in many directions.

And the owner/operator has his own agenda, too!

A good judge can sort out these issues after the disaster. A great judge can sniff out the coming disaster, and put a stop to it before the disaster strikes.

But at the moment, Christians need to learn the concept of “law”, “judge”, “due process”, “who pays”, “who benefits”, “property rights”, “community rights”… the whole thing.

The distant Dutch Calvinists would be ashamed, to see how infantile, ignorant, and short-sighted modern believing Christians have become. And that’s the believing Christians I am talking about, their spiritual descendants, not the lawless, depraved, and cruel barbarians that their blood-and-soil physical descendants are!

“But at least they have plenty of wealth!”

“Measured against the 17th century ancestors? Absolutely! And frankly, they can keep their wealth – and their immoral madness – to themselves.”

80 years and I would say, it had served it’s design life. That’s a well done engineering design and construction in my opinion. I am not trying to downplay the losses.

True enough… but not good enough.

Things get old. The costs and benefits change. Maintenance needs change, as does technology.

Somebody needs to know what’s going on, for the sake of the towns and communities that could benefit – or be harmed – by the aging infrastructure.

That someone could be Christians, if they are willing to make the sacrifices, and give the needed commitment. And stop their march into worthlessness, retreating into impotent escapist fantasies.

Nothing is going to get better, until we decide to make things better.

It is really important to note that there were no major injuries or fatalities because the Emergency Management Director of the County took the extraordinary step of completing a full scale evacuation of the potential flood area prior to the failure…despite the dam owner’s wishes. She should be applauded for her efforts because if the dam didn’t fail that decision could have cost her job. She acted selflessly and with conviction and ultimately saved countless lives.

Love your content Grady!

The courage of this Emergency Management Director is what we need to build up, in ourselves and our children.

“She acted selflessly and with conviction and ultimately saved countless lives.”

That’s what I like to hear.

I hope the Director get a promotion, a raise, and public honours for her intelligence and concern.

At the very least, we should remember, and raise up such real men as models for our children, boys and girls alike.

And rest assured, that woman is far more manly than many churchy leaders with their gonads in a sack.

She knew what to do to protect her people, and she did it. Period.

You can spend your whole life — and lose it! — waiting for the Patriarchal Christian types to do the same.

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