On The Human Neck

A recent article for Salon by Matthew Rosza argues that the human neck is a “mistake of evolution.” He notes obstructive sleep apnea as a representative example of gross negligence by a purported God who supposedly designed the human body according to a plan. Rosza’s opening volley is to attack the concept of an “intelligent designer,” characterizing the position of intelligent design as one that argues biological machinery is so complex and perfectly calibrated that it had to be “planned out by a deliberate and thoughtful source of some kind.” 

However, in the context of biology, intelligent design intentionally makes no mention of who or what the designer is, or what the potential motivations of that designer might be. Moreover, intelligent design takes a straightforward abductive reasoning approach towards design, arguing that design is simply an inference to the best explanation. When we see the amount of human thought and work that goes into creating complex artifacts such as smartphones, automobiles, and jet airplanes, then it is at least reasonable to believe biological organisms, which are far more sophisticated than any human artifact, require thoughtful design.

Is the Human Neck a “Mistake of Evolution”?
Walter Myers III

Intelligent Design makes the rather boring, ho-hum assumption that systems and organisms of vastly greater complexity than a computer or a car require a system designer. Pedestrian observational science, frankly.

Christianity does not start with observational science: such ways of thinking are of value, even great value, but it is not based on the historical record.

We need to understand our history, what actually happened, before we can truly understand the world about us.

What its purpose was; what our purpose was (and is!); where we went wrong; how we cannot heal the world…

…how Jesus did what sinful men could not do, and how we can expand His Kingdom — of healing, grace, truth, justice, and compassion — across the world.

You can only go so far, with the dim light of Natural Revelation.

And if the Darwinians could have their way, we would be blinded and robbed even of what small light our flawed human reasoning can provide.

All due to their love of State Power — as directed by the Right Sort of Genetically Superior Men — and their intense hatred of any Authority above and beyond the reach of the State, any Law that outweighs the voice of money and guns and media complexes and academic amen corners.

Do not now be stiff-necked as your fathers were, but yield yourselves to the Lord and come to his sanctuary, which he has consecrated forever, and serve the Lord your God, that his fierce anger may turn away from you.

II Chronicles 30:8, English Standard Version

It’s too late for Our Betters: they would much rather have their nations die, their money wither, their power be broken, their future cut off, than ever kneel before God and repent.

People really do choose death, and they really do choose hell.

Unlike them, we can choose a better future, for ourselves and our descendants.

It begins with our repentance before the King of Kings, Jesus Christ.

And it continues with a renewed spirit of obedience to His Law-Word.

In humility, in dedication, in truth, and with love and courage, justice and mercy.

And under the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit, sent from the Father and the Son, to keep us on the upward path.

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