COVID-19, Oct 4-Oct 6: The Flu Season is Here!

Playing Catch-up

I’ll be posting a few old COVID articles I haven’t put up yet now. My hope is that, in some small but useful way, this will be useful for people searching for Forbidden Information the next time some repulsive, superstitious power-grab by The Experts is made.

(I hear that there are a great big pile of COVID-19 articles on as well. That might be an even better site to look into, for those who do not trust Our Betters.)

Weeping and Gashing

So, it’s time to tremble and fear and cry out to the Authorities for Salvation, because a kind of flu which is particularly harmful to older people 75+ — and, perhaps, the obese as well — now exists.

We have been dealing with flu’s for a very long time now, and the “COVID-19 Coronavirus” is, at its core, a non-magical, non-mysterious flu. One whose fatality rate, while significantly high for old people, will decline in a few years… as been the case for every flu that has ever existed.

But the People — well, the Better Sort of People — look up to the God-State for salvation from the flu. Especially the older, wealthier, more powerful sections of the Better Sort.

The kind of Compassionate Hearts that couldn’t care less about the spread of the Swine flu, which has a higher death rate for the kids. COVID-19 hardly touches the children: but they might carry a disease that hurts the Old and the Powerful, so it’s time to immunize them all, putting their lives & health unnecessarily at risk for the Benefit of the Leadership.

I can only say that God sees, and God will judge.

Well, I can say something more: God’s People should represent the Lord they worship, and also point out and condemn (the profitable and self-serving) injustice and exploitation of the weak on behalf of the strong.

(Something the Red Marxists — and their more subtle and sophisticated fellow-travellers, the Pink Progressives — have no interest in doing when Party Members are doing the theft, lying, and murdering.)

A Suspicion

For a variety of reasons, it has come out that President Biden and his endless restrictions and mandates are deeply unpopular across the United States.

My suspicion: the Mainstream Press, who are nothing but courtiers of power, will sense that Biden and his COVID mandates are a loser. And courtiers don’t waste their time with kings and emperors who stink of losers.

Who knows? Even Facebook and YouTube and Google – the modern, up-to-date versions of the Mainstream Media, might even drop their censorship.

The modern Establishment couldn’t care less about Objective Truth: not about the all-seeing eyes of God, and therefore not scientific truth either. Or the lessons of history, for that matter.

“There is no Transcendent Creator and Judge, and therefor no Objective Reality, which is not tainted by the biases of men.”

But the back-broken Power Elite do have a fixation with Power and Popularity.

Darwin, who — along with much of the European intellectual class, including much (the majority?) of the clergy — despised the Law that is above Powerful Men, would be pleased with the result.

But God is not.

And God’s word matters.

Not the delusions of a dead man, or a dying Ruling Class.

Actual, scientific truth matters.

Ergo, the graphs, the data, and the findings noted below.

Perhaps Facebook, YouTube, and Google will never, ever drop their censorship, their thirst to suppress WrongThink. Maybe they will insist on dying with the lies tightly gripped in their clenched fists.

We must not imitate them. We must hold on to the truth, even if nobody else cares.

Because there is life and hope in the Truth,
but only death and despair in Lies.

Oct 1, 2021

COVID season begins in New York & DC: Will ‘the experts’ stop a virus this time around?
by Jordan Schachtel

(Please check the link for more info: various tweets in the original article are missing in my repost)

—<Quote begins>—

It’s October 1st, which means that today is officially the first day of respiratory illness season in much of the United States. 

In the before times, we called this Flu season, and it was met with calm guidance from our health institutions about staying healthy, fit, and extra sanitary during the respiratory illness season. But the times have certainly changed, and much of America has become convinced that we have the God-like powers to stop an endemic submicroscopic infectious particle in its tracks.

Cities like New York, Boston, Chicago, and Washington, D.C — where COVID-19 policy is directed by “public health experts” who claim to have the ability to control a seasonal respiratory virus — are said to be better “protected” from another COVID-19 wave this time around. Similar to the guests at Barack Obama’s big birthday bash, these areas are rife with compliant citizens who don’t question authority and fashion themselves as part of the “sophisticated, vaccinated crowd.”

These citizens have been “listening to the science” since day one. Sure, the resulting data has not given them any statistical health benefit whatsoever. But this time, it’s different, we’re told. These areas maintain incredibly high compliance with mRNA shots, restrictions on society, and “public health measures” like masks and vaccine passports that will successfully “stop the spread,” according to our so-called expert class.

“The experts” say that the latest COVID waves we saw in southern areas of the country — in places like Texas and Florida, where lots of people are susceptible to radical ideas like free thinking, and where leaders chose not to adopt draconian mandates — were not a result of seasonal sickness, but of a failure to adopt these so-called public health measures. 

“Experts” like Dr Anthony Fauci have declared, in deity-like fashion, that the southern wave was a failure of “following the science” and that it is “within our power” for places like New York and D.C. to completely avoid COVID-19 this season by masking up and getting more COVID shots.

Yet we’ve now been able to track seasonal illness related to COVID-19 for almost two years, and none of these restrictions and mandates seem to have made a dent on the COVID problem. What used to be referred to as Flu season has acted in parallel with COVID season throughout the world. This isn’t a recent phenomenon. Every year in documented history, depending on where people live, there is a noticeable rise in respiratory illness in general. This is not an ongoing miraculous coincidence of human behavior that can be stopped in its tracks, as Dr. Fauci and “the experts of science” would have you believe, but a longstanding reality. Due to the constant hysteria, panic, and governmental power grabs surrounding COVID-19, much of society has erased respiratory season from their cognitive lexicon. 

Longstanding historical trends tell us that much of the American northeast and midwest will undoubtedly continue to register high numbers of COVID-19-attached issues through the Fall and Winter. 

So what will “the experts” do when their promises have once more failed to come to fruition? 

That’s when the blame game begins.

Who will they decide to blame this time around? Will it again be the Orthodox Jews of Brooklyn? The MAGA country residents of urban Chicago? Perhaps the “unvaccinated,” in reference to anyone who has not lined up for their third dose of mRNA shots. Maybe Ron DeSantis? When was that bike rally in Sturgis again? The list of accused culprits for the pandemic can go on and on, but this Fall and Winter, the hypotheses of our credentialed expert class will face the ultimate test. And if history tells us anything, the experts’ track record suggests total and complete humiliation once again.

—<Quote ends>—

Oct 1

From Rand Paul removes cabinet official’s limbs, figuratively
By Tom Woods

—<Quote begins>—

Two items for you today, and the Rand Paul one is number two. Number one is this: the southern spike in COVID numbers is over. Note just how dramatically hospitalizations in Florida have come down:

What’s interesting about this is that no major behavioral changes in Florida have coincided with this dramatic decline.

Yet we’re constantly told that bad behavior — not following the rules laid down by our “public health experts” (a designation that makes me laugh now) — is what makes the numbers go up, and good behavior makes them go down.

If that’s true, then what made these go down?

No answer from the lizard people, and not even the slightest curiosity about an answer.

Meanwhile, we have Senator Rand Paul confronting HHS secretary Xavier Becerra about the Israeli study that showed people with natural immunity enjoying considerably better protection against infection than people who had been vaccinated but had never had a natural infection.

This study involved a health database of 2.5 million people. It attracted attention throughout the scientific community and in major media outlets throughout the world, including the United States. We’ve discussed it on the Tom Woods Show, too.

Becerra had never even heard of it.

Becerra, meanwhile, calls people who decline the vaccine “flat-earthers.” Paul smashed him, noting out that Becerra himself denies or is unaware of the relevant scientific findings. If anything, Becerra is the flat-earther.

“You’ve made these decisions — a lawyer with no scientific background, no medical degree,” said Paul. “This is an arrogance coupled with an authoritarianism that is unseemly and un-American. You, sir, are ignoring the science.”

Nice to see a handful of people in public life pushing back hard.

Before I leave you for the weekend (looking forward to seeing some of you at our sold-out event in Fairfax, Virginia, tomorrow):

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Tom Woods

—<Quote ends>—

Oct 4

Maybe no Christmas this year, says Fauci
By Tom Woods

—<Quote begins>—

It’s “too soon” to say whether we’ll be able to gather at Christmas, Dr. Fauci is now telling us. Well, we didn’t listen to him last year and I have no intention of listening to him now.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a news media that challenged these clowns once in a while?

For example, Fauci should have to explain this chart:

This graph traces COVID hospitalizations in the Midwest over time. Here’s why it matters to the “maybe you can’t have Christmas” insanity: the hospitalization peak occurs right around Thanksgiving, before the alleged effects of Thanksgiving gatherings would have had time to take effect. And then, instead of spiking in the wake of those gatherings, the numbers plummet — and continue to plummet consistently and without interruption all throughout Christmas, as if that holiday hadn’t even occurred.

Would Dr. Fauci care to explain to us how, if his advice is sound, such a thing could have occurred?

Good thing for him no one is going to ask him, because what could he possibly say?

Speaking of bad Fauci predictions, he said “I don’t think it’s smart” for college football to be played before full stadiums. After saying that, COVID numbers in the South, where these games are being played regularly, began to plummet. As you can see below, they began to plummet almost immediately after Fauci warned them not to do it.

In a weird way you almost have to be impressed by someone who can be so precise in his wrongness:

Meanwhile, courtesy of worldometers -dot- info, let’s check back in with Florida. The drop in COVID deaths there has been extremely sudden and sharp, even though the general public has not modified its behavior at all. (I live here, so I know.)

The chart says it all:

As a friend of mine puts it, thank goodness we can be sure the media will get right to the bottom of this!

—<Quote ends>—

The current Mass Media is broadly worthless, when it comes to anyone challenging The Narrative.

But we have the ability to build our own. It will take years, I would say a decade, before a strong set of Off-Mainstream Press organizations are up and running. But It’s definitely worth working for.

Parler is still holding on. Gab is out there. Rumble has been boosted by Trump, and Odysee has a libertarian foundation. BitChute is an older one, but it checks out too.

More are coming.

My prediction: there will be more and more Progressive-based censorship on both the Old and New Mainstream Press.

And less and less viewers and eyeballs.

Oct 5

Another NBA player makes Fauci’s head spin
by Tom Woods

—<Quote begins>—

Last week people cheered when I sent what Jonathan Isaac of the Golden State Warriors said about health, COVID, and vaccination.

Now it’s Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors who’s got the thought controllers after him.

“To me,” he told the press, the COVID issue “has turned into a political war.” “For someone who’s not extremely into politics…when you make something so political, and not everyone is into politics, you can also turn those people off. And I think there is something to be said about people’s concern about something that’s being pressed so hard. Like, why are you pressing so hard? Just pressing and pressing and pressing.

“I think you have to honor people’s feelings and their own personal beliefs. And I think that’s been lost when it comes to vaccinated and non-vaccinated. And it kind of sucks that that’s been lost.

“You say we live in the land of the free. Well, you’re not giving anyone freedom, because you’re making people do something, essentially. Without necessarily making them, you’re making them do something. That goes against everything America stands for, or supposedly stands for.”

What I like about that statement in particular is his observation that not being a political person, he’s being turned off by how political COVID and vaccination have become. And he wonders aloud why the fanaticism around it and the constant pressure on people.

It makes me wonder: how many other people, also not normally interested in politics, have also had enough of this, even if they might not say so in public, and who are also disturbed by the fanaticism driving it all?

They may say in public what the authorities want them to say, but how many people in their hearts can see something is very wrong here?

It’s easy to get discouraged that more people aren’t actively opposing the craziness. At the same time, those filled college football stadiums tell us at least something: there are lots of people who aren’t paying attention to the hysterics anymore, and that’s at least something.

But if we’re going to push back on the coercion and the misinformation (isn’t it rich that of all people the Fauci devotees have the chutzpah to accuse us of misinformation?), it’s going to take more than just ignoring them. We have to fight back.

In my no-censorship private group (I took the group off Facebook years ago), that’s one of the things discussed regularly — what exactly to do now other than complain.

If you enjoy this newsletter and the Tom Woods Show, you’ll be like a kid in a candy store inside my elite group.

Entry is via this link:

 Tom Woods

—<Quote ends>—

It’s time to change things.

For the better.

Oct 6

NYT finally admits: our behavior doesn’t seem to affect the virus
by Tom Woods

—<Quote begins>—

Well, it took only 19 months, but the New York Times is admitting that the progress of the virus does not appear to have a whole lot to do with our behavior.

In an artlcle this week called “Covid, In Retreat,” David Leonhart of the Times observes that U.S. cases have fallen 35 percent in a month — a month that included Labor Day, whose celebrations were supposed to have made the numbers worse.

(Yes, I know the problems with “cases,” but he later notes that this general trend extends to hospitalizations and deaths as well.)

The virus appears to move in two-month cycles, says Leonhart, and epidemiologists “do not understand why” it works like that. It has occurred “even when human behavior was not changing in obvious ways.”

“We’ve ascribed far too much human authority over the virus,” says Michael Osterholm, the former Biden COVID adviser who has occasionally said sensible things.

Leonhart is also cautiously optimistic that the worst may be behind us — a rare thing coming from a New York Times writer. He cites Scott Gottlieb, formerly of the FDA, as saying, “I’m of the opinion that this is the last major wave of infection.”

Gottlieb could be wrong, of course. That’s almost not the point. It’s that they’re talking in ways that are clearly different from the Fauci wing of all this, and that’s better than nothing.

Now back to Leonhart: his point about a two-month cycle, and Osterholm’s point that we’ve been overemphasizing the role of human interventions in controlling the virus, obviously extends to masks as well: nobody is wearing masks in two-month cycles, and yet the virus observes that pattern anyway. Nobody in the article extends the analysis to masks, but there’s no other way to interpret what they’re saying.

Still, despite this, we have kids masked in school all day and crazy deep-cleaning protocols as if we haven’t learned a thing in 19 months. Someone joked that we should just pretend schools are restaurants so kids can just take their masks off when they sit down.

It’s never too late to say: sending the kids to this school was a mistake. There’s always the self-taught Ron Paul Curriculum, for which I prepared 400 videos on history. And if you decide to take the plunge be sure to use my link (below), because there you also get some quite valuable bonuses available only through ol’ Woods here:

Tom Woods

—<Quote ends>—

After massive wealth destruction, Our Betters quietly murmur that they might have made a mistake.

Of course, no one will be held responsible. Certainly not anyone in the government bureaucracy, that instituted all this costly and oppressive chaos.

But control of our behaviour – not fighting the disease – was always the core drive of Our Betters.

We have the power.
You do not.

We command.
You obey.

Yes, Fauci will get off scot-free at the end of the day. Even after he is fired/resigns, he will enjoy a big fat pension and numerous pats on the back by Powerful and Wealthy Progressive friends, around the world. Most especially including the People’s Republic of China!

But he is but a a symptom of the problem: the accountability-free Administrative State. The concept of the “politically neutral bureaucrat” needs to be legally abolished, and the Civil Service held fully and personally accountable for their actions.

Also, the entire lot needs to be dismissed when their president and party is out of office.

(P.S.: Does anyone really believe that the Civil Service is politically neutral? Anyone at all?

THAT went out with the “neutral and objective” university and the “neutral and objective” Press Corps.

It’s time to call out the Beast by its right name, and to break the back of the Beast.

Jesus expects nothing less from His people.)

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