COVID-19, Oct 8-Oct 22: Control the Behaviour of the Inferior!

October 8, 2021

Biden COVID adviser finally admits: we’re clueless about the virus
By Tom Woods

—<Quote begins>—

Something is screwy: the New York Times has been sensible twice in a single week.

Now writer David Leonhardt is pointing out what a lot of us have been saying pretty much the whole time: (1) predictions of doom based on people’s so-called “bad behavior” often turn out to be embarrassingly off the mark, and (2) the “moralistic fable” behind COVID (whereby good and virtuous behavior makes the numbers go down and “reckless” behavior does the opposite) is unhelpful.

“The fable we tell ourselves,” writes Leonhardt, “is that our day-to-day behavior dictates the course of the pandemic. When we are good — by staying socially distant and wearing our masks — cases are supposed to fall. When we are bad — by eating in restaurants, hanging out with friends and going to a theater or football game — cases are supposed to rise.”

With school resuming and large crowds, often unmasked, assembling for all kinds of events, we heard plenty of stern warnings at the beginning of last month. Leonhardt cites Politico’s headline “It May Only Get Worse.”  “The new school year is already a disaster,” said Business Insider.

And then what happened?

Everything plummeted: cases, hospitalizations, deaths.

As I’ve said repeatedly over the past year and a half, I’ve just wanted to hear the so-called experts say, at least once in a while, “We don’t know. We don’t fully understand what’s going on here.”

But that’s not as fun as lording it over the public with a false certainty.

Michael Osterholm, the former Biden COVID adviser who occasionally has something sensible to say, displayed the kind of humility I’ve been waiting for when he told Leonhardt: “We still are really in the cave ages in terms of understanding how viruses emerge, how they spread, how they start and stop, why they do what they do.”

What a refreshing change from “Shut up and listen to the science.”

A little late, though. Some of us have been treated not too kindly for saying these very things.

Now, as people begin to weary of it all, people like Leonhardt suddenly have the courage to say something.

But better late than never. I’m not a sore winner.

Now, a little something for you to enjoy over the weekend, from ol’ Woods’s How to Be a Better Capitalist file:

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Tom Woods

—<Quote ends>—

I am going to repeat myself below:

—<Quoting Myself>—

After massive wealth destruction, Our Betters quietly murmur that they might have made a mistake.

Of course, no one will be held responsible. Certainly not anyone in the government bureaucracy, that instituted all this costly and oppressive chaos.

But control of our behaviour – not fighting the disease – was always the core drive of Our Betters.

We have the power.
You do not.

We command.
You obey.

Yes, Fauci will get off scot-free at the end of the day. Even after he is fired/resigns, he will enjoy a big fat pension and numerous pats on the back by Powerful and Wealthy Progressive friends, around the world. Most especially including the People’s Republic of China!

But he is but a a symptom of the problem: the accountability-free Administrative State. The concept of the “politically neutral bureaucrat” needs to be legally abolished, and the Civil Service held fully and personally accountable for their actions.

Also, the entire lot needs to be dismissed when their president and party is out of office.

(P.S.: Does anyone really believe that the Civil Service is politically neutral? Anyone at all?

THAT went out with the “neutral and objective” university and the “neutral and objective” Press Corps.

It’s time to call out the Beast by its right name, and to break the back of the Beast.

Jesus expects nothing less from His people.)

—<End of Self-Quote>—

Our Betters don’t believe in Objective Truth.

They just believe in Controlling the Inferiors.

That’s just about the limit of their Deep Religious Faith…
…a Deep Religious Faith in politics, and rules, and uniforms, and univocal propaganda, and censorship, and guns, and money, and Proper Certification, and guilds, and State power.

In contrast, God expects Christians to go out of their way to topple lying and oppressive idols.

Even at the risk of our lives and liberty, never mind “job security” and “Establishment disapproval”.

That’s where the growth of God’s Kingdom lies.

In the ruining of the Empire of Man, and the plundering of the Snake-lands.

But that takes courage, faith, and commitment… something that neither most Sunday Schools nor the Church Sermons are interested in promoting. And I admit, the vast majority of Christians are simply uninterested in the fight for Godly victory over liars, murderers, tyrants and thieves.

But I am not speaking to “most Christians”. I am talking to you, and to all believers who want to see the Kingdom of God expand in time and on earth.

I am talking to the God-fearers who are interested in seeing the Good Guys win, and are willing to pay the price for victory… in this life, and for thousands of generations to come (as promised by God in Exodus 20:4-6, the Second Commandment.)

Faithful and courageous men — rich and poor, strong and weak, male and female, old and young — enter the Promised Land.

Moral cowards die in the desert.
Regardless of their physical or economic or political strength.

October 12

The question every Harvard student should have to answer
By Tom Woods

—<Quote begins>—

I used to do alumni interviews for Harvard. They’re doing them over Zoom now (of course).

I just received an email urging me to do so once again. I told the central Florida coordinator:

“The one question every interviewer should be required to ask is:

“‘What opinion do you hold that I would find surprising — i.e., that I couldn’t hear every corporate CEO, every Harvard professor, every TV talking head, every news reporter, and every Hollywood actor already saying to me?’

“Then we’d get some interesting applicants for a change.”

Now, on to business for today:

Lucy McBride is a physician who has her own COVID newsletter and who moves easily in MSNBC and Atlantic circles. Here she is in a social media thread explaining to people that living is about more than just not dying, and health is about more than not having COVID.

Sound familiar?

Sound a little like ol’ Woods here, from early 2020?

I don’t buy everything she says in what follows. The point is this: why couldn’t “medical professionals” have been speaking rationally like this all along?

Again, note throughout her remarks that this is exactly what you and I have been saying all this time:

We’re starting to reach the acceptance phase of the pandemic: a time when we must recalibrate our individual risk gauges, which have been completely thrown out of whack

The two things that patients want—reassurance that they won’t get COVID-19 and permission to engage in life—I cannot deliver, and I never will be able to. SARS-CoV-2 is here to stay.

The virus will be woven into our everyday existence much like RSV, influenza, and other common coronaviruses are. The question isn’t *whether* we’ll be exposed to the novel coronavirus; it’s *when.*

The acceptance phase begins with a broader reckoning with risk. It ends, I hope, with clarity on what we actually can do as a society to protect life—and a commitment to do it.

Of course no one wants to get COVID. The Delta variant continues to take lives and cause lasting harm for many. But abstinence from living isn’t sustainable, nor is it healthy.

As we head toward endemicity, we can think about what we have to accept, what we can change, and how we tell the difference between the two.

Acceptance can also be the birthplace of change. COVID’s permanence does not mean simply reverting to life as it was pre-pandemic. After all, the pandemic has laid bare our countless personal and public-health vulnerabilities—and offered opportunities to do better.

We can make people healthier and safer without surrendering to a permanent pandemic lifestyle.

Acceptance is not about agreeing with or surrendering to suffering. It is not about reckless abandonment of caution or carelessness toward others.

Public-health experts will be responsible for deciding where the off-ramps are for restrictions such as mask mandates in public places…But we, as individuals, are responsible for dusting off our pre-pandemic instincts and imagining living again.

Doctoring isn’t about walling off patients from certain exposures. It is about acknowledging our messy world and arming patients with tools to safely inhabit it.

Right now, caring for patients is about helping them redefine health as more than simply not getting COVID. Health also means accepting that living is about more than simply not dying.

Wrapping up for today:

I’m spending a few days in Savannah, Georgia, a place I’ve never visited before, in advance of the big event in Orlando this Saturday. We’re expecting a lot of people for the 2000th episode of the Tom Woods Show, so please arrive early (doors open at 7, and the show begins PROMPTLY at 8).

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I’d be deeply grateful if you chose to be a part of it:
Tom Woods

—<Quote ends>—

I’d like to pull out this quote:

“The one question every interviewer should be required to ask is:

“‘What opinion do you hold that I would find surprising — i.e., that I couldn’t hear every corporate CEO, every Harvard professor, every TV talking head, every news reporter, and every Hollywood actor already saying to me?’

“Then we’d get some interesting applicants for a change.”

“You mean, you expect me to get off-message? To deviate from the Narrative?
Sorry, can’t do it. I just can’t risk losing the Approval of My Betters: too much money is at stake!”

In time, nobody is going to bother waste time asking Our Betters anything at all, as we all know the script they will read off of, the same script that the Mainstream Media (and Mainstream Academia) will be pushing into our faces, every minute of every day of every month of every year… until the Great Default, and the end of the Welfare State.

And, very soon after, the end of the ever-hectoring, ever-superior, ever-power-grasping Progressive Ruling Class as well.

Instead of wasting their time with the pre-programmed Establishment Droids, people will be asking you questions, Christian.

Now’s the time to get the answers you need, before today’s flavour of Moloch-worship is visibly brought to a powerless, pathetic laughingstock.

October 13

Why are we begging one person to let us live?
By Tom Woods

—<Quote begins>—

First, a little behind-the-scenes note.

The key thing for anyone, like ol’ Woods here, whose living involves sending emails to a large audience, is often the subject line.

For one thing, it can’t be clickbait.

Some people think clickbait is when you use a dramatic or particularly enticing subject line. That is not clickbait. As long as you deliver on that subject line inside the email, it’s not clickbait. Clickbait is when you hype something with an enticing subject line that you do not deliver on.

But it can’t be boring, either. Then people won’t open.

So what is that sweet spot? Well, that’s something I aim for every day — not because I’m trying to manipulate my readers, but because I feel sure I have something valuable for my audience and I want to make sure they see it.

For any of us who write email as part of what we do to make a living, the key moment comes when the subject line begins to matter less and less, and the “from” line matters more and more. They see ol’ Woods in the “from” line and think, “This is worth my time even if his subject line is lame today.”

Well, at any rate, I missed the target with yesterday’s subject line.

So here’s yesterday’s email, in which a physician who moves easily in MSNBC and Atlantic circles tries to explain to people that living is about more than just not dying, and health is about more than not having COVID. In other words, what you and I have been saying for over a year and a half.

Now for today:

A reader sent me an update on the situation in Iceland. Each country has its own peculiar brand of crazy, and Iceland is no exception:

I want to give you a quick update on the situation in Iceland. It has turned somewhat silly now, and might interest you.

Following the removal of restrictions throughout Scandinavia, there has been increasing pressure to remove the relatively moderate restrictions here. Among the Nordic countries, we have been the odd one out with the stiffest restrictions on both the border and regular life. Yet we have the highest vaccination percentage.

However in general the population has stopped caring and few are still following the rules that are yet in place. (Some regulations like border controls and a ban of large events are impossible to ignore.) The ongoing effects of border restrictions on our economy are horrible since the Icelandic economy has become completely dependent on the tourist industry.

Anyway, in the face of this pressure the prime minister sent our chief epidemiologist, Þórólfur, a sort of Dr. Fauci figure, a strange public letter, hinting that the government believes the costs of the measures greatly outweigh the benefits and they would like him to change his advice to something more in line with the other Nordic countries.

Given that the epidemiologist has no real power and all decisions on restrictions are made by the government, this is weird. They could ignore him and do whatever they like, but he has been elevated to such an angelic status that the very government that did so is terrified of doing anything without his blessing. (Even though a popular narrative here is that the government’s job is to “look at the whole picture” and chief epidemiologist job is only to narrowly focus on reducing the spread of any and all illness.)

His comments in the press so far have been rather negative. “It is extremely important that no nightlife be allowed in Reykjavik.” And “since the flu was absent last winter we can’t open up again, if we do it comes back more powerful than ever.” Also he says the other countries have had more natural infection, and therefore much more natural immunity. Therefore they can open up, but not us. (It is universally understood here that the vaccine induced immunity is not very good, impossible to ignore given the readily accessible data and small population.)

Furthermore, he says that we have relatively high usage of J&J and AztraZeneca vaccines, and those don’t work as well as Pfizer. Also Danes are seemingly really good at hand washing, much better than us.

So, we remain in limbo. However, while he will probably forever be regarded as a saint, public opinion and politics seem to be turning on him somewhat. Hopefully the new government that is forming now will stop this nonsense and we join the rest of the Nordic countries. At least until we get the winter surge and fear goes back into overdrive…. (People think we have forever beaten Covid, for the third time now.)

Wrapping up for today:

Remember, this Saturday night is the big event in Orlando for the 2000th episode of the Tom Woods Show.

It costs nothing to attend, but it will be a night to remember. I promise you that.

Details here:
Tom Woods

—<Quote ends>—

Now Iceland is how I expect godless Nordics to behave: trembling and fearful, looking for their fully-certified witch-doctor for permission to live.

That is NOT the case, broadly: far too many Americans who know who God is are trembling in their homes and hiding behind their superstitious masks, while God-despising Swedes and Danes walk free and fearless.

God reveals the truth of who we are, by our actions.

We Christians need to get our priorities – and our authorities – straight.
Serious repentance is in order, on our part.

THAT is the road to liberty, objective truth, and a life that fears nothing but God and His Justice.

To continue:

October 18

Finally: Fauci gets fact-checked
By Tom Woods

—<Quote begins>—

Well, now the shoe is on the other foot.

NBC reporter Shaquille Brewster just fact-checked Dr. Anthony Fauci’s claim that full football stadiums would lead to terrible COVID outcomes.

Today’s Joy Reid said to Fauci, “As soon as I saw it, I thought COVID is about to have a feast. What did you think?”

To which Fauci replied: “I thought the same thing. I think it’s really unfortunate.” 

Brewster points out that Reid and Fauci had nothing to worry about.

“It never happened. Cases are now in steep decline in every college football state across the south. Including Florida, where hospitalizations fell 64 percent last month, even as some 90,000 fans packed the [University of Florida] Gators’ stadium.”

(In fact, Florida now has the lowest COVID case rate in the entire continental U.S. — I’m sure the media will jump right on that!)

Do you suppose Joy Reid will ask Dr. Fauci how they could have been so wrong, and whether they’re being too cartoonish in their analysis?

(That was a rhetorical question.)

Now on to something else that I hope will lift your spirits:

My special event for the 2000th episode of the Tom Woods Show was attended by 2,500 people.

The entire audience can’t be captured in a single shot, so this will give you an idea:

Every weekday I release an episode of the Tom Woods Show that teaches my audience something about some important topic, and I do the same (though lately on a narrower range of issues) in this newsletter.

But this huge event wasn’t about that.

It was about a whole bunch of us gathering, meeting each other, enjoying ourselves, defying Fauci, and being human.

We accomplished that.

Plenty of surprises, lots of laughs, and so much energy in that room.

(If you were there and had a picture taken by my official photographer, in a future issue of this newsletter I’ll be sending the link to access those pictures, as soon as I have it.)

Video will be available soon.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who made the effort to attend: we had people from all 50 states plus D.C., Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands, as well as eight countries (even with all the travel restrictions in place).

Putting on an event like this, with receptions, two giant video screens, an AV team, and a giant ballroom at a four-diamond resort isn’t easy. But I have supporters who make it possible, and I think we can all agree: this event was necessary for lifting our spirits and keeping us going against the madness.

I do large events like this very sporadically, but I do smaller-scale, supporter-only events twice a year. They’re an unannounced bonus of supporting the Tom Woods Show.

I’d love to have you in my Community of the Sane:
Tom Woods

—<Quote ends>—

I like seeing pictures of free and fearless people, who are interested in holding onto their liberty and self-governance.

This pleases me.

I believe that it pleases God, too.

(Yes, even if they are unbelievers, they should still be free if they have not violated the Law. By the God of Moses, there is Only ONE Law, for ALL Mankind.)

October 20

Mandate victim speaks out
By Tom Woods

—<Quote begins>—

A member of my private group, the Tom Woods Show Elite, just released this letter (which I reproduce with permission) to her co-workers after being told that she would be terminated for declining the vaccine:

Hello Fellow Emory Coworkers,

I am wanting to update you on a personal matter that is sadly affecting my work at Emory.

I have a history of seizures that I was diagnosed with when I was 23 and were controlled with medications for 5 years. Then in August 2020, I moved into a new rental home with two other individuals. About a month after moving into the house, we had massive sewage problems that were ignored by the homeowner for 2 months even though we notified them repeatedly. So this caused the sewage to seep into the floors and walls of the lower bathroom in the rental house. Then from December 2020-June 2021 I had 4 seizures in my sleep and I had walking pneumonia in April 2021.

Eventually, my doctor helped me realize that I was being poisoned by mold in the rental house. The threshold for poisonous mold is 1000 particles per 1 liter of air and in my bedroom the count was 5,300 particles of mold per 1 liter of air.

Now how does this affect my work at Emory? My doctor, who diagnosed me with mold poison, does not recommend that I get any covid-19 vaccine because of my seizures and bad health this year.

However, Emory on October 1st denied my medical exemption request and is terminating my employment at Emory. This was Emory’s message in my medical denial email:

The Emory Healthcare Vaccination Exemption Request Review Committee, a diverse committee of experts from our Emory Community, reviewed the medical reasons for exemption you provided and compared them to the current list of vaccine contraindications published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Decision: While the exemption review committee respects your concerns about being vaccinated, we find that your stated reasons do not preclude you from obtaining the vaccine based on the CDC guidelines. Thus, your request for exemption cannot be approved and you must complete vaccination requirements in order to maintain employment at Emory Healthcare.

So because seizures are not the CDC’s list, my last working day was Friday, October 15th.

I am proud of my work at Emory, having been the first individual to help submit data electronically rather than manually to both NDNQI and DDCT. I am proud of my work helping Emory design and go live with a new electronic NDNQI survey tool rather than using paper. I am proud of the multiple reports that I helped design and build for Nursing Quality, Bundle Reports, and HAC QAT teams using Tableau.

Since I am not resigning or quitting Emory Healthcare but being terminated from my job, if you want to stay in touch with me, I can be reached at ____ and ____.

Thank you and God Bless You,

Carley Fletcher, RN BSN

And just like that, people with distinguished careers are discarded.

All for declining a vaccine that doesn’t even prevent the spread of the virus anyway.

Probably 70 percent of Americans believe it does, though, in the same way 70 percent of Americans thought Saddam Hussein had been responsible for the September 11 attacks.

In both cases (and indeed in many others), an uninformed and propagandized American public cheered on policies with zero basis in fact, and with wide-ranging consequences, to say the least, for innocent people.

People are fighting back, all over the world. Will it be enough? Will the threat to destroy people’s livelihoods be too great for many people to resist? By contrast, will the loss of key employees hurt enough to make employers themselves hit back against the mandates?

No one can yet know.

What I do know is that my group, the Tom Woods Show Elite, is made up of people with the kind of mettle the times call for.

If that’s something you could use right about now, I’ll see you inside:

Tom Woods

—<Quote ends>—

The unjust destruction of the lives and livelihoods of the innocent helps to drive fear in the hearts of those who oppose Our Betters.

And, as I said at the very beginning of this post, the thirst for controlnot the fight against the disease –– is at the core of all these COVID mandates and lockdowns and restrictions and travel bans and mass firings.

The classic Latin term is the Libido Dominandi, as noted in the Mises article Lockdowners and “the Desire to Dominate” by Joakim Book.

It’s time Christians broke the back of the politician power of the Snakeheads.

But, that isn’t going to happen if believers insist that “Jesus doesn’t have real authority over the world today” and “our hope is in a mystical rapture escape Real Soon Now”…

…rather than being fueled by the Holy Spirit, and so gaining the power to tear down Satan’s gates today and obey Christ’s command to grow His Kingdom on this world, in this time.

October 22

Did masks defeat the flu?
By Tom Woods

—<Quote begins>—

You’ve surely heard it said that the reason we haven’t seen much flu activity is that the efforts of our “public health” establishment (can’t type that term without the quotation marks) against COVID-19 had the happy side effect of suppressing inflenuza.

Well, Dr. Michael Osterholm, the influenza expert who also advised the Biden White House on COVID, says otherwise.

Now understand: I am not an Osterholm fan. I just happen to take a mischievous satisfaction when the COVID hysterics’ bubble is burst by one of their own.

Osterholm recently said in a podcast episode:

Let me just very briefly remind you: in the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, the virus in emerge from Mexico spread around the world in March 2009, hit the peak here in North America in late April or early May and then dropped precipitously in terms of numbers — no mitigation strategies, no canceling of classes or businesses, no masks, no distancing, and no vaccine. 

It just went away.

And during that summer, we saw we saw virtually no respiratory virus transmission activity, including any of the four standard flu viruses.

Well, then we got to late August and saw another big peak of H1N1. And those cases actually did peak in late September and came down precipitously in numbers after that, with a vaccine only arriving in mid-to-late October and even then, a limited quantity so the vaccine had no impact. Again, no mitigation strategies….

Well, now, fast forward to this pandemic. We went through the 2020-21 winter and we saw virtually no other respiratory pathogen activity. Somehow it was suppressed, including flu….

Osterholm then noted that “a very prestigious colleague” recently said in the New York Times “that the flu was suppressed because of COVID-19 mitigation efforts, including masks and social distancing.”

Osterholm is having none of it. “We have no evidence at all that the precautions played any role in seeing no flu — just like in 2009.”

Of course, little no masking in Sweden and no flu there, either.

“You’re going to continue to see this twindemic concept,” said Osterholm, and the idea that “somehow we mitigated it with masks…. It reminds me of [former CDC head] Bob Redfield, when he famously said at a hearing last year, took his surgical mask and slammed it on the table and said, this is more powerful than any vaccine. Which is absolutely inappropriate. And frankly, I think dangerous.”

Before wrapping up:

I have the link to the photos taken by my photographer at the 2000th episode event, so if you had such a picture taken, this is where you can retrieve it (we also had people take pictures with their own phones at the same time, but if you wanted a professional shot, this is where they are):

Should you want a printout of any of the photos, the photographer is offering a BOGO deal this week, FYI.

And for a little weekend viewing for my entrepreneurially minded (I’m at the Mises Institute’s supporters summit right now, where there’s been much discussion of entrepreneurship), here’s my bird’s-eye overview video, just 30 minutes long, of the simple online business model I follow that you may also be interested in checking out.

This is the exact model my mentor Ben Settle recommends. Simple, no bells or whistles, no big slate of employees, nothing.

You can make an online business much more complicated than this, but why bother? Enjoy:

 Tom Woods

—<Quote ends>—

Masks are superstitious symbols of Compliance and Conformity to the Authorities.

“Obey the Experts, and All Will Be Well.”

It’s not about fighting the disease. It’s about politics, power, and control of the Inferiors by the Superiors.


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