Rising Up to the Scouts

I am writing this book in April 2021 because I could find no other book on Christian leadership that gets to the point— or, in this case, five points—of biblical leadership. I set aside two weeks to write the first draft. I am doing what I did in July 1980 when I wrote most of Unconditional Surrender in two weeks. I did it because I could not find a competent, compact book that surveyed the main ideas of Christianity. I am writing this book for eighth-grade students who I hope will take my online course on Christian worldview. I would teach a full year’s course on leadership if I had enough theologically reliable and practical materials to assign—manuals. After two millennia, the leaders of the church of Jesus Christ have not yet produced the manuals that are sorely needed by young people. There is no Christian equivalent of the merit badge-based program of the scouting movement.

Gary North

There’s a lot of work to be done, and a world to be won.

Let’s get to it!

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