COVID-19, November 1-November 8: The Silent School Cafeteria

November 1, 2021

Now they’re terrifying the children
By Tom Woods

—<Quote begins>—

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the “follow the science” people keep surprising you.

Recently there was a Twitter thread on dystopian school lunch policies, and people were talking about schools where their children were prohibited from speaking during lunch.

This is a policy not enforced on adults in any setting. Not to mention: no one is the slightest bit curious how Sweden’s 1.8 million children all survived COVID without any of this stupidity, and its teachers fared no worse than people in any other profession.

In the thread, someone chimed in with the following:

My son is nine years old and in Grade 4 here in Toronto. Yes, he is told not to speak during lunch.  But it’s more frightening than that for him and his classmates. The kids’ silent lunches are just the tip of the iceberg for their experience with the lunch monitor.

Last month, our son broke down in tears at dinner asking what a “fourth wave” was. When I asked why, he said the lunch monitor was yelling at kids at recess that we were in a “fourth wave” and that kids were going to create another lockdown if they got close to each other.

I complained to the principal and said this was entirely not age-appropriate. The principal said she would make sure he didn’t use threats like these. But recently my son and his friends have been telling me what this guy is still doing.

Talking during lunch means detention. Getting out of your chair during lunch, for example to throw something in the garbage, also means detention.

When a kid physically contacts another kid at recess, even to brush sleeves, that’s detention.

This is outdoors, mind you.

Detention these days means you sit with your back to the outside wall of the school, hugging your knees.  Six feet apart in either direction from other kids in detention. Outdoors.

If you approach a kid in detention to commiserate, that’s grounds for your own detention.

I would love for someone to defend this absurdity on the basis of health when kids are terrified.

Also, Toronto has had fewer than 50 cases a day the last two days in a city of 2.73 million.

Now it’s true: this exact thing this isn’t happening in every school in the United States or Canada.

The point of sharing the story is more general: in a world like this, many of us will have to make difficult choices, choices that affect how we live our lives in major ways.

The inhuman school policies have had the effect of pushing still more families into homeschooling, with the percentage of homeschooling households having doubled since all of this began.

But while the virus lunacy is an excellent reason to homeschool, an even more fundamental one is this: it’s a bad idea for your children to be educated by people who despise you.

And let’s face it: that’s exactly what is happening right now, day in and day out.

Even with the school year in progress, it’s never too late to say: no more.

You will not be alone: there are countless support groups now to guide you through, and of course the curriculum I helped create for Ron Paul (I teach government and Western civilization courses in the high school grades) is video based and self-taught, so you don’t have to run yourself ragged.

Give it some thought, at least:

Tom Woods

—<Quote ends>—

The pull quote:

The inhuman school policies have had the effect of pushing still more families into homeschooling, with the percentage of homeschooling households having doubled since all of this began.

But while the virus lunacy is an excellent reason to homeschool, an even more fundamental one is this: it’s a bad idea for your children to be educated by people who despise you.

I would argue that, since God uses the plans of the wicked to further drive forward and expand His Kingdom, much of the Divine Purpose behind the wicked acts of men is to further break down the system.

  • First and foremost, the public indoctrination centres, hilariously called “schools”.
  • Second, to dramatically free up people from being physically tied to their workplaces.

So, there will be a lot more anti-Establishment freethinkers in 10-20 years, and a noticeable increase of people who are not tied to the major corporations or to the State Establishments for their daily bread. Perhaps even a good increase of successful entrepreneurs.

These ARE good things, to be thankful for.

But these good results comes from the hand of God, and were in no way the intention of the exceptionally hostile Establishment that stripped so many of their livelihoods, silenced numerous scientists and doctors, conducted “disinformation/misinformation” censorship purges, and directly attack the most basic liberties.

The Masters hate you and me. COVID-19 was merely an opportunity to express their hatred of the liberties the Inferiors enjoy.

Public opinion just took a major swing our way
By Tom Woods

November 2

Public opinion just took a major swing our way
By Tom Woods

—<Quote begins>—

Is the tide turning?

An NBC poll finds Americans souring on vaccine mandates, perhaps as they begin to observe their consequences.

The question: “Do you strongly favor, somewhat favor, somewhat oppose, or strongly oppose requiring that everyone who is now eligible must get a COVID-19 vaccine?”

Favor 47% (34% strongly)
Oppose 50% (41% strongly)

Now expect those numbers to change if the northeast has a bad winter, even though nothing about the vaccines themselves or the issues involved will have changed.

But still, that’s a surprising result. We’d been told consistently that 70%+ of Americans favored the mandates.

And incidentally, that’s something the bad guys love: making you feel marginalized and alone.

As writer John Hayward puts it, “One reason Dems are so comically furious over ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ is they understand it’s the kind of thing that triggers preference cascades — a moment when people look around and realize that huge numbers of their neighbors share what the ruling party claims is a fringe opinion.

“The Left expends a huge amount of effort on making its adversaries feel marginalized. They mastered the dark art of making the majority feel like a fringe minority. The demoralization-destabilization-subversion strategy of the Left is designed to make normal people feel abnormal.”

I think that’s why people say the ol’ Tom Woods Show and these emails help them feel normal — since every major outlet around them is trying to make them think the whole world opposes them.

Now since I have a lot of readers who, for obvious reasons, may be seeking new employment, I want to recommend The Daily Job Hunt, published by my old friend Isaac Morehouse. You’ll know Isaac from his repeat appearances on the Tom Woods Show; he’s also the founder of Praxis, that amazing apprenticeship service I’ve told you about. He has done a lot of good for normal people.

The Daily Job Hunt is a super-short email with no-BS advice on how to be your own credential, rather than just another resume.

Members also get access to tools like a custom video-pitch builder, in-depth career guides, and more.

The Daily Job Hunt is great for both active job-seekers and anyone looking for a bright spot to kick off the day. Join for free with this 1-click link, and start getting The Daily Job Hunt.

Tom Woods

—<Quote ends>—

The pull quote:

As writer John Hayward puts it, “One reason Dems are so comically furious over ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ is they understand it’s the kind of thing that triggers preference cascades — a moment when people look around and realize that huge numbers of their neighbors share what the ruling party claims is a fringe opinion.

Losing control of the Narrative is NOT on the Agenda of the Establishment.

We are going to have to make that happen, whenever they want to happen or not.

Reaching that goal is going to take a lot of work, for years and years.

Might as well start today.

November 2

‘It’s Free’: Pfizer & Moderna project tens of billions in COVID shot PROFITS
By Jordan Schachtel

(Again, see the original article for Twitter highlights)

—<Quote begins>—

In the COVID Era, your favorite mom-and-pop shops might be closed forever, but business is booming for Big Pharma, with COVID shot companies breaking record after record across the board.

With enormous profits siphoned off the backs of taxpayers around the world, and virtually zero legal liability with any of its customers, Pfizer, Moderna, and even Johnson & Johnson can’t lose. You, the American taxpayer, even paid for the research and development of the shots, but Big Pharma is still footing you with the bill and taking all of the profits.


Pfizer said in a statement today that the company is again revising its revenue targets upwards, estimating between $81 and $82 billion in revenue for 2021. Pfizer is now projected to double its 2020 revenue, when the pharma giant brought in $41.9 billion. In 2021, $36 billion will have come from sales of COVID shots that were developed in partnership with BioNTech. With an estimated 30% profit margin, the mRNA shots alone will bring in over $10 billion in profit. 

Unlike the American taxpayer, who is forced to compensate Pfizer and pay for its products, the drug company pays a single digit percentage tax burden due to its offshoring of profits.

The companies and their eager investors are projecting that COVID shots for young children — who, by any legitimate data point, are not even remotely threatened by COVID-19 — will keep revenue and profit margins high through 2022. Pfizer itself has already sold 115 million pediatric doses to the American taxpayer


Moderna, which earned no sustainable revenue before the COVID era (because the company had never successfully rolled out a product to market), expects to bring in $20 billion in revenue in 2021. Don’t be surprised if their upcoming earnings report boosts that number even higher. 

That’s a stunning 33X increase from the pre-COVID era. In 2019, Moderna reported $60 million in revenue. This revenue stream will be derived from its only product – the COVID shots. 

Moderna’s COVID injection profit margins are almost double that of Pfizer’s. In 2021, the company has generated a reported positive free cash flow of a whopping $9.1 billion.

Like Pfizer, Moderna seeks to earn future revenue through seasonal booster shots and the sale of pediatric COVID injections. Unlike Pfizer and J&J, Moderna has no other products to offer its customers. Moderna is entirely a COVID-19 business. Without it, the company would need to find other ways to preserve its $140 Billion market cap.

Johnson & Johnson

Although Johnson & Johnson does not currently intend on profiting from its COVID shots (they project that will change next year), its other products have seen a boost in sales. Tylenol and Motrin sales are up 18%. Analysts have chalked this up to higher demand due to side effects from COVID shots combined with declining health due to government policies related to the pandemic.

Johnson & Johnson expects to easily generate over $90 billion in 2021 sales, after bringing in $69 billion through the first 3 quarters of 2021.

Unlike Pfizer and Moderna, which essentially have become coronavirus companies, J&J only generates a fraction of its sales from COVID shots. The company expects to bring in $2.5 billion in revenue from COVID shots in 2021.

—<Quote ends>—

My prediction: you will find remarkably little discussion on COVID-19 profits by the major pharmaceutical companies.

Certainly not in the Mainstream Press, and not a whole lot in the ‘Progressive Anti-capitalist’ press either.

“One hand washes the other.”

I myself have a feeling: this entire COVID-19 business isn’t about money, not fundamentally.

And it certainly isn’t about health!

It’s about power.

First and last.

November 3

Untapped market: Pfizer, Moderna target children & infants to sustain record-breaking COVID shot profits
By Jordan Schachtel

—<Quote begins>—

Despite the reality that children and teens are at near zero risk from COVID-19, Pfizer and Moderna are attempting to make sure every kid across the world is supplied with and coerced into taking mRNA shots. To make up for a projected drop in 2022 COVID shot income, the two outfits have zero moral objections to attempting to harvest this potentially massive untapped market.

As I reported Tuesday in The Dossier, the companies have made tens of billions of dollars in 2021 profits off the backs of U.S. and global taxpayers. And the companies have signaled to shareholders that they will need to expand their “customer” base in order to achieve the same success in the future.

In recent quarterly reports and financial statements, the two companies have made it crystal-clear that their strategy involves preying upon the most vulnerable. In order to make up for potential lost COVID-19 mRNA shot profits, due to an expected decline in adult demand, they’re doubling down on the untapped child COVID shot market.

Thanks to aggressive wheeling and dealing in Washington, D.C., Pfizer currently has a monopoly over the U.S. 5-17 year old COVID shot market. The FDA recently cleared the Pfizer shots for children, while conceding during its committee hearing that the Government Health outfit has no idea about the long term risks to children.

Moderna hopes to soon receive authorization to enter this untapped market as a competitor. However, the FDA has currently delayed authorizing the Moderna shots for 12-17 year olds. Their primary concern surrounds the potential side effect of myocarditis. It was also an issue in the Pfizer submission, but it did not stop their stamp of authorization.

Pfizer and Moderna will soon report “data” from the trials of their COVID injections for those 2- to 4 years old. Next quarter, the companies are expected to provide results from those 6 months to less than 2 years old.

Pfizer currently employs a whopping 83 lobbyists to convey its corporate interests to the federal government (Moderna, a much smaller organization, employs 15), and its lobbying army is paying dividends. The pharmaceutical giant just received CDC authorization for its COVID shot regimen for 5 to 11 year olds.

The Biden Administration has already sent billions of dollars in taxpayer funds for this endeavor. Over the past few months, the U.S. government has been purchasing hundreds of millions of “pediatric doses” of the shots. Now, some 28 million American children — who, statistically speaking, face near zero risk from COVID-19 — are “eligible” for the Pfizer shots.

Struggling to read through his announcement, President Joe Biden declared Wednesday that the move is a “major step forward” for America in “our fight to defeat the virus.” The statement hardly makes any sense. Contrary to Biden’s repeated public assertions that the shots stop the spread of the virus, the shots do not in fact stop the spread of the virus.

In addition to a planned fourth shot and potential seasonal COVID-19 booster injections, Pfizer and Moderna want to expand the COVID-19 shot regimen to every single person on the planet, regardless of their individual risk profile.

Who needs the shots more, Big Pharma or your kids?

—<Quote ends>—

The fascist state at work:

  • The government gets more people fearful and dependent on the government, looking to the Leader for salvation and healing and protection
  • The major businesses rake in the money, creating the tools the government can use to project its power on the target population.

Whether the tools are vaccine shots, prison cells, bombs, or welfare blocks is beside the point.

What IS the point is that the State’s Little Helpers rake in the risk-free money.

At the moment, the major pharmaceutical corporations are successful in getting government immunity for their vaccines, regardless of how harmful they may or may not be.

But if there is any major scandal, you can be sure that the government will focus the cameras on the private company, and away from it’s own complicity.

November 3

America to CNN: drop dead
By Tom Woods

—<Quote begins>—

Speaking in Palm Beach County this morning, Ron DeSantis said:

“A recession is when your neighbor loses his job, a depression is when you lose yours. A recovery is when Fauci loses his.”


He’s speaking like someone who feels like things are going his way — and maybe they are.

You’ve heard about yesterday’s election results, particularly in Virginia. Yes, the victor in the gubernatorial race may not be the world’s best Republican, but there is no doubt what he represents in the minds of voters: opposition to COVID stupidity and woke lunacy.

(I hate the term “woke,” by the way. How is someone “woke” if he believes in the exact set of ideas promoted in all quarters of allowable opinion? If anything, you and I are woke, in that we’ve managed to awaken ourselves from the dominant strains of thought.)

The GOP also took the lieutenant governor’s office and the attorney general’s office away from the Democrats, and flipped the Virginia House of Delegates as well.

In New Jersey the execrable Democrat Phil Murphy was very nearly driven from office in a state Joe Biden carried by nearly 16 points. Ed Durr, a truck driver who spent $153 on his campaign, is poised to defeat the current state senate president.

One commentator wrote, “I don’t know why Democrats did so poorly last night, but one possibility is that their entire theory of governance is based on paternalism, hysteria, conspiracy theories, censorship, moral superiority, virtue signaling, and a complete indifference to people’s material well-being.”

Even with the tide evidently turning in blue states, the crazies are nevertheless undeterred: Boston elected a mayor who favors a vaccine passport system (even after these systems have, predictably, proven useless in “stopping the spread”), and San Francisco is looking forward to closing down virtually all of life to children 5 and over if they’re not vaccinated.

That’s all crazy and awful, though I personally think that anyone mandating vaccination for kids is going to find they’ve bitten off more than they can chew: the poll numbers find only about a quarter of parents ready to vaccinate their children at the first opportunity.

And as a member of the Tom Woods Show Elite put it, “Things aren’t all rosy for the narrative the media wants you to think is the truth. Even if they continue to mostly win, any indication that the people, in private, reject them, gladdens my heart.”

We have a fight ahead of us, to be sure, but I’m tired of defeatists telling me that everything is hopeless and there’s no way out.

Normal Americans are beginning to reassert themselves.

There is less resistance than you and I might want, but more than the regime expected. And the more resistance people observe, the more emboldened they themselves will be to join the resisters.

If you enjoy the Tom Woods Show and what I write, you’ll be happy as a clam inside the Tom Woods Show Elite, my non-giving-up group of smart truth-tellers:

Tom Wood

—<Quote ends>—

The pull quote here:

One commentator wrote, “I don’t know why Democrats did so poorly last night, but one possibility is that their entire theory of governance is based on paternalism, hysteria, conspiracy theories, censorship, moral superiority, virtue signaling, and a complete indifference to people’s material well-being.”

Even with the tide evidently turning in blue states, the crazies are nevertheless undeterred: Boston elected a mayor who favors a vaccine passport system (even after these systems have, predictably, proven useless in “stopping the spread”), and San Francisco is looking forward to closing down virtually all of life to children 5 and over if they’re not vaccinated.

Remember: All the COVIDMania – the lockdowns, the shutdowns, the bankruptcies, the mandates, the vaccines — are of it is politically-driven, not medically-driven.

Since when was COVID a danger to children? More kids die of diarrhea than of COVID.. and FAR MORE die due to traffic accidents!

But this drive to vaccinate children isn’t about “protecting the children”, or about any risk/reward determination.

It’s about moral posturing, and class superiority games, and virtue signalling.

It’s about politics.

Nothing else.

(Well, maybe a little about fattening up the profits of the big pharma players. But the pharma corporations are just useful and disposable spear-carriers, and not the main Government Stars of the show.)

November 4

The crazies are fuming at the South’s low COVID numbers
By Tom Woods

—<Quote begins>—

Within the past week someone who’s more or less on our side of all this stuff took a bizarre swipe at your host here.

He thinks I’m saying that our political elites are innocently making mistakes and that showing them some mask charts will change their minds. 

I have never said or even thought such a thing, obviously.

What, then, is the point of my charts?

Number one, to reassure you — yes, you, dear reader — that you’re not crazy, and that you are correct to think the “public health” establishment has no idea what it’s doing. And also to help raise doubts in the minds of your friends.

By the way, is this “preaching to the choir”? I suppose so. But I’ve never understood why that’s supposed to be bad. The choir needs to be preached to! Have you ever been to a church where the pastor tells the choir they may as well just go outside and smoke while he delivers his sermon?

Number two, to show people who aren’t strongly committed one way or the other that the morality play being pushed on us — “good behavior” makes the virus go away, while “bad behavior” makes it spread — does not in any way reflect the experience we’ve had with the virus.

But no, there’s no changing the minds of the power elite, because for them this is all a golden opportunity to expand their power, portray themselves as indispensable saviors, and set the stage for future large-scale interventions.

So for example, the chart below won’t make Joe Biden change course, but it can make a normal person wonder.

Today on Twitter a New York Times reporter shared a map of the United States that depicted rates of active COVID in the various states. He was asking why the South would be doing so well despite its governors having ignored the CDC.

Since some people cannot give up the CDC religion no matter what the data tells them, one woman chimed in that the South probably isn’t testing as much, because they don’t really believe in COVID. So she’s convinced that COVID must be bad in the South. It just has to be. Her religion requires her to believe this.

She doesn’t know, apparently, that Florida’s daily hospitalization numbers are lower than they’ve been in about a year and a half. How would she know that, even if she were a reasonable person with an open mind? Who’s going to tell her?

And one of my Twitter acquaintances pointed this out: if it’s a question of a lack of testing, that lack of testing must be incredibly well coordinated across the southern states to produce such strikingly similar outcomes everywhere:

Let me close with this:

If my inbox is any indication, I’ve succeeded at changing quite a few minds. I haven’t convinced Joe Biden, but I wasn’t really trying.

And again I emphasize:

There is nothing wrong with “preaching to the choir.”

You guys are the choir. I think you benefit from my podcast episodes and newsletter issues, or you wouldn’t consume them.

As part of my mission to build up and reinforce this particular choir, I’ve twice opened my home to supporters of the Tom Woods Show for what I think were pretty good parties, and of course just last month I held my enormous (and not cheap) 2000th episode event in Orlando — again, to have a night when decent people could get together, be human, and defy Fauci.

Join my private community — my Tom Woods Show Elite group — and inoculate yourself against lunacy:

Tom Woods

—<Quote ends>—

Pull Quote:

And again I emphasize:

There is nothing wrong with “preaching to the choir.”

You guys are the choir. I think you benefit from my podcast episodes and newsletter issues, or you wouldn’t consume them.

Preaching to the choir is fine, so long as you are building them up, healing their wounds, pushing them to be wiser and stronger and smarter.

Be a benefit to the Good Guys… and, over time, you will find that there are more and more Good Guys.

An honourable and even God-pleasing way to live, I say!

And, by the way, there is no disgrace in earning a profit by preaching to the choir. The workman really is worthy of his wages…

November 5

More craziness outside the U.S., but signs of hope here?
By Tom Woods

—<Quote begins>—

In the United States we have some states we can be fairly confident will not return to lockdown or the other useless approaches to “mitigation” anytime soon, and then we also have jurisdictions that are introducing vaccine mandates to punish perceived political enemies.

(Since any ability the vaccines have to stop the spread have dissipated after two to three months, there is no scientific or public health reason for vaccine mandates, so punishing perceived enemies is the only explanation I can come up with for the policy.)

So I think I have a handle on the U.S. situation. I may not like it, but I understand it and what’s likely to happen in the coming months.

But I’m also keeping an eye on other countries.

Iceland has been especially interesting. At the beginning Iceland did well and everyone praised them. Why, people must have listened to their wise public health officials!

The hospitality industry, which is central to Iceland’s economy, was devastated, but at least COVID was kept to a minimum, they’ll say.

Well, if you can believe it, Iceland is heading back into restrictions again, even though at 99 deaths per million it has one of the best records of any country in the world, and even though close to 90 percent of the eligible public is fully vaccinated.

A reader writes:

We reported our highest daily case number since the start of the pandemic today. 167 infections, only 32 of those unvaccinated (likely mostly children). The number can be multiplied by 1.000 to get equivalent US numbers.

90% of the eligible population is [fully] vaccinated today. It is universally acknowledged that the vaccines are ineffective at stopping the spread but may reduce it somewhat and provide some protection against serious illness. Furthermore the state epidemiologist has acknowledged that the only way to end the pandemic is for the nation to acquire natural immunity by widespread infection. However since the vaccines “just don’t work that well” and our healthcare system is unable to deal with the effects of “uncontrolled spread” he is planning to somehow fine tune the restrictions to keep infection rates at 70 per day until we reach herd immunity. (It would take decades at that rate, but of course the entire premise is ridiculous.)

So, our version of “freedom day” that was planned to take place in two weeks has been cancelled. Instead they are reintroducing masks, social distancing and max 500 person events. Given past history it is likely that is just the first step towards harsher restrictions. They are also planning to give everyone over 16 years old boosters and it sounds like they want to give that to everyone every 6 months.

Politically this is instituted by the left-green health minister and supposedly the conservative party is not too happy about it. A new government is in the process of forming and something may change after that. However given the general mood here I’m not very optimistic that we will have our freedom back any time soon. It is widely understood that a lack of restrictions will mean the collapse of the entire health care system.

I responded: “So they’re just going to pretend Sweden doesn’t exist”? The reply:

The very few times it has been mentioned in the narrative, it is understood that they have a way more capable healthcare system, and can therefore handle all the covid patients. On the other hand our (state-run) healthcare system is incapable of handling as much as a large car accident or a flu season without them declarinag “emergency” and cancelling normal day to day operations. So I think they are right about that, if we were to experience the same amount of population adjusted ICU patients as Sweden did at the height of the pandemic it would be a serious shitshow. We have 5 covid ICU patients currently and they are screaming that the system is collapsing.

However since the restrictions are costing us ungodly amount of money and they are not sustainable, it would make sense to just radically increase ICU/hospital capacity with some of the money that is spent on the covid response, but given social-democrat politics in Iceland this is very hard. The state run healthcare industry just doesn’t scale or expand all that easily and privately run institutions are not allowed to fix the problem for political reasons. (There is some hope that the new government implements a new policy in this regard but I wouldn’t hold my breath).

So yeah, socialism.

It really is true: this ends when we make it end. If the Icelandic public doesn’t have the common sense to end the madness when their economy relies on the outside world, then nothing will change.

I personally believe that the only reason things aren’t worse in the United States is that we have a large number of people skeptical of the so-called “mitigation measures” and prepared to push back. Not as large as I’d like, but not nothing. According to Rasmussen, a majority of Americans (52%) support workers resisting vaccination demands.

I was surprised to learn (from someone inside the Tom Woods Show Elite) that Democrat Laura Kelly, governor of Kansas, opposes the federal vaccine mandate. Is she responding to the political winds?

The defeatist attitude I see from so many people these days is certainly understandable — a lot of horrific stuff is happening right now — but we can’t succumb to it.

A great thing about my private community, the Tom Woods Show Elite, is not just that it’s composed of smart and amiable people, but also that we’re not stuck in despair. There’s some fight left in dissidents like you and me, and I wouldn’t count us out just yet.

We dissidents look forward to welcoming you:

Tom Woods

—<Quote ends>—

In other news, Pagan collectivists get the fear-driven Pagan collectivist lifestyle that is their fitting reward.

The surprise is not that Iceland chose to jump into an impoverishing hellhole of self-imposed poverty.

The surprise is that so many Christian Americans got into the hellhole… while many other Nordic pagan collectivists refused to get into the shark-infested tank.

Actual obedience to God, in time and on earth, matters.

It will be quite a while, until we can finally look at the Swedish Pagans in the eye.

November 8

How will they blame DeSantis now?
By Tom Woods

—<Quote begins>—

All of this is your fault, they say.

If you had just listened to the experts (I am trying to use that word with a straight face) and followed their mitigation measures, we could have conquered this thing long ago.

So the whole thing has been a morality play: your “bad behavior” is keeping this going, while my “good behavior” is keeping it in check.

What you’re seeing below are two maps of the United States, side by side, separated by roughly three months, depicting the COVID cases that our opinion molders profess to be so concerned about. These maps are generated on a regular basis by the New York Times.

Well, how about that.

Remember when the map on the left was the fault of Ron DeSantis? Not to mention the vaccination rates of those states, which were likewise blamed (although Florida’s vaccination numbers for seniors have been quite high).

And yet with zero changes in behavior, the map on the left became the map on the right.

Are we supposed to believe that everyone in the southeast suddenly started wearing masks at the same time, and everyone in the rest of the country stopped wearing them, also at the same time?

New York Times reporter posted the chart on the right and asked how this was possible, given that the governors of those states had generally ignored “CDC guidelines.”

I jokingly retweeted him with the comment, “He’s so close to getting it.”

Now I’ve been writing about this topic since March 2020, so I recognized the problems more or less from the beginning.

An area that I haven’t really emphasized, on the other hand, and whose importance I’ve recognized with an almost inexcusable belatedness, is privacy, which under the present regime is more of a concern than ever.

The trouble is, most people, myself included, realize it’s a problem but don’t know exactly what to do to safeguard their privacy.

As with so many things, someone in my talented audience happens to be an expert on the subject, and he’s offering a live online presentation on the subject, to help us guard ourselves against the lizard people.

That presentation, which costs nothing, includes five practical steps you can take right now, and a Q&A session.

Register here, and I’ll see you there:

Tom Woods

—<Quote ends>—

A good percentage of American Christians are in the South.

Therefore the map above makes me smile…
…and the Establishment Men frown.

November 8

Two-Faced: Fox News, Newsmax go above and beyond Biden ‘vaccine rules’ with punitive policies for ‘unvaccinated’ employees
By Jordan Schachtel

(Again, go to the original article for the Twitter content!)

—<Quote begins>—

Despite claiming to champion the cause of freedom from experimental medical treatments, conservative media outlets Fox News and Newsmax have created an incredibly punitive and coercive work environment for “unvaccinated” employees, while repeatedly stating otherwise in public forums. 

The two corporations have not only been abiding by the infamous Biden “vaccine mandate” OSHA rule, Newsmax and Fox are going well above and beyond the minimum edicts presented to them by the federal government. Even as the “vaccine rule” remains legally contested (a U.S. appeals court temporarily blocked the measure this weekend), both organizations have implemented a series of COVID policies that treat “unvaccinated” workers as second class citizens.

On air and in print, the two networks have sent out high-profile employees to champion the claim that there is no COVID injection mandate, presenting themselves as defiant in the face of government overreach. 

However, internal documents reviewed by The Dossier show that both corporations are running a relentless coercion campaign to pressure employees into taking COVID shots, while setting up discriminatory structures for those who choose not to show proof of having complied. Failure to comply will result in discriminatory sanctions, such as having to wear a mask in the office ( “vaccinated” employees do not need to do so),  and even subjecting “unvaccinated” employees to a COVID test before being granted clearance into the building.

Fox News

At Fox worksites, employees who have not taken the COVID shots or who “have not disclosed their vaccination status” via the company’s entry pass mobile application are subject to several discriminatory measures.

Unlike their “vaccinated” co-workers, the non-compliant must take a daily COVID test for clearance to enter the workplace. 

On October 15, Fox established their “daily testing program,” which forces non-compliant employees to undergo a mid-nasal swab every time they show up to work. They must then wait outside the premises until the test comes back negative. For employees on a time-sensitive schedule, this daily testing requirement means they have to come to work much earlier than their “vaccinated” colleagues, who, while being just as likely to spread the virus that causes COVID-19, do not have the daily testing requirement.

Fox’s Human Resources department has been sending a bombardment of emails to the “unvaccinated” employees, reminding them that the punitive measures will no longer be necessary if they comply.

Please keep in mind that if you become fully vaccinated … you will no longer be required to participate in daily COVID testing,” an email from Human Resources reads. 


Over the weekend, a memo was circulated to top talent at Newsmax with a link to an article featured on the company homepage, titled, “Newsmax Opposes Vaccine Mandate, Here’s Why.” Several Newsmax affiliated employees championed the article on their social media pages, declaring that the company does not at all have a “vaccine mandate” or discriminate against people who decided not to take COVID shots.

However, when digging deeper into the article, Newsmax actually admits that they are fully accommodating the Biden OSHA “rule” through a weekly COVID testing regimen. And the story was published Sunday despite the edict recently being ruled illegitimate the day prior by the U.S. Court of Appeals 5th Circuit.

On Friday, Newsmax sent out an email to all staff telling them that the company is implementing the OSHA rules starting December 5th. 

“To ensure that we are in compliance, we require that all vaccinated employees submit a copy of “heir vaccination card” by December 3. The email reads.

And the most strict measure being utilized against the “unvaccinated” did not make it into the online Newsmax story. 

The email continues,

“Beginning December 5, employees who are not vaccinated will be required to wear a mask while working in the office.”

Again, nowhere in the company editorial is this mentioned. There are no studies that show masks have any benefit whatsoever when it comes to stopping the spread of COVID-19. And as mentioned earlier, “vaccinated” individuals are just as likely to spread COVID as “unvaccinated” people, making the planned Newsmax mask policy a form of punishment and petty coercion.

“Beginning on January 4, 2022, all employees should be fully vaccinated,” the email states, reminding staff that failure to do so will result in weekly COVID testing.

What are their competitors doing?

Blaze Media and The Daily Wire have struck a more defiant tone. Both have expressed their public opposition to the Biden rule, with top executives from the organizations publicly stating that they have no intention on imposing a similar mandate on their employees. The latter outfit is currently organizing a legal campaign to defeat the measure in court. Pending legal challenges, the Biden Administration has set its OSHA rule to commence on January 4, 2022.

—<Quote ends>—

I suggest that hardcore Christians limit and restrict the amount of trust they give to FOX and Newsmax. For these institutions, conservatism is just a marketing strategy, a pretty mask for a tyrannical Progressive heart.

And, by the way… there is no place in Heaven for liars.


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