The Murder of the Seas, and the Fear of Carbon Dioxide

China (and South Korea, not noted in the video above) goes about the world murdering the oceans.

And the Environmental movement focuses on the far less destructive, far less fast , and far more debatable rise of “greenhouse gases”: that is, carbon dioxide.


Because the collectivists want to manage and control the economies of the world, and industrial machines produce carbon dioxide gases.

But protecting the world’s oceans does not lead to more centralized control of the economy, so the watermelon leaders – green on the outside, red on the inside – simply don’t care.

Heilbroner said that for 70 years, academic economists had either ignored this article or dismissed it without answering it. Then Heilbroner wrote these words: “Mises was right.”

Heilbroner was one of these people. There is no reference to Mises in The Worldly Philosophers.

This admission was the preliminary section of Heilbroner’s manifesto. He was cutting off all hope by socialists that there is a theoretically plausible response to Mises. The free market economy will always outproduce a socialist economy. Get used to it, he said.

Then, in the second section, he called on his socialist peers to get behind the ecology movement. Here, he said, is the best political means for promoting central planning, despite its inefficiency. In the name of ecology, he said, socialists can get a hearing from politicians and voters.

The article is not online. An abstract is. Here is the concluding thought of the abstract.

“The direction in which things are headed is some version of capitalism, whatever its title. In Eastern Europe, the new system is referred to as Not Socialism. Socialism may not continue as an important force now that Communism is finished. But another way of looking at socialism is as the society that must emerge if humanity is to cope with the ecological burden that economic growth is placing on the environment. From this perspective, the long vista after Communism leads through capitalism into a still unexplored world that roust [must?] be safely attained and settled before it can be named.”

Heilbroner did not care that a worldwide government-run economic planning system would not be called socialism. He just wanted to see the system set up.

Heilbroner’s peers got the message. That was what Kyoto was all about.

It’s Not Just That Global Warming Is Fake. What Matters Is Why This Fakery Is Being Promoted.
Gary North

The environmentalists don’t care about the environment.

If they did, they would make certain to break the State-backed fishing fleets of China (and the subsidized fleets South Korea as well), which is devastating the oceanic environment even as we speak.

“Fix the deep bleeding wound right now. Worry about the possibly chronic problem some other time.”

But the environments don’t actually care about the environment.

What they care about is gaining control of other men.

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