Seed of the Woman, Seed of the Serpent

Can Jesus Save the World or Only Souls? Ep. 162 (guest Dennis Peacocke)

From the beginning, there has been a war between the seed of the woman and the seed of serpent. By misconstruing this fact, the church has truncated the Gospel. Dennis Peacocke discusses the way forward.

From Chalcedon

At the webpage, you can listen to the Mp3.

It’s time for the snakeheads to lose.

Regardless of their worldly authority, and worldly power, and worldly noise machines.

And how does the Seed of the Serpent lose?

When the seed of the woman understands there is a war, and decide to win, by obeying CHrist.

And by putting His Kingdom, HIs Authority, above and superior to every authority the world puts forward.

When God’s People decide that they want to win, and actually repents, and actually obeys God before all, and actually fears God rather than men.

And is how the Seed of the Woman wins.

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