I’m Proud of My Pastor

No names, but he’s OPC.

Why am I so pleased?

He preached from Leviticus — Lev 25 to be exact. I have long held that any modern reformation must start with Leviticus, the book of the Law.

If one man is doing this from the pulpit, others are too.

Also, capitalism is explicitly recognized as Biblical – even as it is forbidden to charge interest on loans to the poor, or to profit from selling food to them, just as Leviticus 25 outlines.

(And also, the extra burden the COVID restrictions, lockdowns and vaccine mandates placed on the poor and powerless is also noted from the pulpit.)

And, the welfare state is condemned as so much organized theft, which it is. But if the State is not to be the saviour of the poor, who is?

The pastor asked us, whom God blessed with prosperity for our obedience, to step up to the plate. And rightly so.

The ball is now in play… and is now in this layman’s court.

It’s going to take time to get bold attitudes into bold realities.

But that’s OK: The spirit leads, and the flesh follows.

My preacher is a mouthpiece of God. And not our ruling class.

I’m proud of him.

Now comes the sweat work and the years and the muscle — and the desperate need for the Holy Spirit’s guidance — to turn the commandments of God into our lived reality.

It won’t be easy. It won’t be fast. But, it’s necessary.

God demands it. Thus, it will be done.

And the more God’s people align themselves with God’s word, preacher and layman alike, the more Christian victories we will see.

In time, and on earth.

As well as in the afterlife.

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