Hard Data Shows the Covid Vaccines Don’t Work

If the vaccines don’t work, why all the mandates, mass firings, and Establishment scare tactics?

From Hard Data Shows the Covid Vaccines Don’t Work by By Vasko Kohlmayer

—<Quote begins>—

This level is sometimes referred to as “herd immunity.” We have been told repeatedly by experts, most notably Dr. Anthony Fauci, that the vaccination rate of 60 to 70 percent would confer herd immunity in regard to Covid 19.

Fauci’s position was roughly in line with our experience with many other diseases where such levels of inoculation have either eliminated them or made them endemic, i.e., sufficiently limited so that they do not pose a large-scale, epidemic-level threat to the community.

Some twelve months into the worldwide vaccination drive there are now a number of countries with vaccination rates of between 60 and 70 percent. There are also some countries and geographical areas with rates of 80 percent or above.

While we do not know the precise figure which would confer herd immunity against this disease, we can be sure of one thing: if the vaccines are effective, vaccination rates of more than sixty percent should result in a significant reduction in its incidence.

—<Quote ends>—

The author hear mentions “natural immunity which, according to some experts, may run as high as 50% in some populations.”

—<Quote begins>—

This, however, is not at all what has happened in most of the highly vaccinated countries and regions. What has transpired in many of them was the very opposite. Following the “success” of their vaccination drives, there occurred dramatic surges of Covid 19. Even more astonishingly, several of these countries posted a record number of cases just after achieving their very high vaccination figures.

This news may come as a shock to many people because the connection between high uptakes and subsequent explosion of cases has been virtually ignored by the mainstream media.

We will show you the reality of the situation by presenting the relevant data in an easy-to-see, straightforward way. We do this by juxtaposing graphs that depict vaccination rates with graphs that show case rates in countries with high vaccine uptakes.

—<Quote ends>—

First comes the vaccinations. Then comes the explosions in the feared “cases”… and, more seriously, more hospitalizations and deaths among the elderly.

—<Quote begins>—


On November 17, Gibraltar posted its highest number of new cases in more than 10 months. The surge became a cause of great concern and prompted the government to call off Christmas festivities. The last time Gibraltar had so many cases was at the height of the winter wave in mid-January of 2021.

(Gibraltar data via Google.com link)

The most startling aspect of the current surge is that Gibraltar is the most highly vaccinated region in the world with more than 99 percent of its population being fully vaccinated. Even more astonishingly, more than 40 percent of Gibraltarians have already received their booster.

Given what we have been told about the vaccines by the corporate media and government officials, you would be justified in thinking that this is some kind of misinformation or error. It is, however, an undeniable fact that here, in the very midst of Gibraltar’s current surge, 99 percent of its residents are fully vaxxed. This is something you can see for yourself in the chart below.

The example of Gibraltar should stand as a clear lesson and a dire warning to health officials and politicians around the world who are trying to force their populations into high vaccination uptakes. Gibraltar clearly shows that even a 99 percent vaccine rate followed by intense boostering will not tame or eliminate Covid 19 from the population. Quite to the contrary, it can coincide with near-record spikes that will likely surpass previous highs, especially as in the weeks ahead the country enters the winter period.

—<Quote ends>—

The author continues onto mention Singapore, Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, and the Cayman Islands – all of whom are highly vaccinated, and all of whom have the resulting explosions of cases.

Not all highly vaccinated countries do. Saudi Arabia, for contrast, is highly vaccinated, and has very little incidence of COVID.

The Money Shot

Vaccination has no correlation with infection or deaths.


Vaccination DOES NOT WORK.

Indeed, in many countries there is a spike in infections when the vaccine is broadly used.


The Public Health Authorities have no idea what they are doing, and no idea what works or doesn’t work.


As they don’t know what they are doing, they need to stop their costly, irrational, and ignorant interventions and mandates.

And stop the vaccinations, as they demonstrably cause harm in many (not all) populations.

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