Two Competing Discipleship Programs

Having worked in church circles for over  two decades now in Canada (in youth ministry  and Christian apologetics), it seems kind of incredible that in this day and age,  we still have to explain to believers the  importance of properly preparing our youth—the  very future of the church—against the wiles  of the enemy, who according to Scripture,  clearly seeks to destroy and steal everything  good in the world (especially from believers).

Major studies done over several decades  have shown that over 70 percent of youth  from Christian homes that attend state-run  schools abandon the faith of their parents.  And some believers just shrug their shoulders  and say, “Well, it must be God’s will,” seemingly  absolving themselves of any responsibility.

But  think about it, would you get the same reaction  if someone was shown (demonstrably) that their  income was going to decline at a rate of 70%  over the next three decades if  they didn’t do something?I mean, put it in perspective. Let’s say  you’re making $100K today. Ten years from now,  you’ll be making $30K. Ten years from that, you’ll  be making $9K.

Do you think Christians would just shrug their shoulders and invoke God’s  willing it to happen, or do you think  there would be a mad scramble among most of  them in an attempt to do something about it? Where will the church be in a few generations if this continues to happen?

This isn’t a new phenomenon,  and it’s not slowing down.

There’s a reason why Jesus used pocketbook parables.

He knows where our hearts live.

And it is demonstrably true that it isn’t with our children. As our actions show to all.

This will have to change.

Leeks and Onions

I can hear the cries already.

“Free education! Free babysitting! Free stuff!”

Some slaves just cry out for the chains and the whips, so long as the free stuff — and the free pleasures — keeps on flowing.

Other slaves know that Satan is a liar, and that it’s time to get out from his cage.

Before the fattened-up, blissfully uncaring cattle are sent to the abattoir.

Or the incinerator, for that matter.

For there are worse things than being murdered by Christ’s enemies.
You can pay for your own evil, and unable to reach the One who can pay for it on your behalf.

And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

Matthew 10:28, English Standard Version

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