Cocaine Smuggling


“Prisons are the finishing school of crime” and “The war on drugs can only be won by making them legal and taxing them for health services” really sunk deep.

Our current Ruling Masters — far more interested in power and control , than in justice and freedom — couldn’t care less about winning the Drug War.

No more than they were interested in actually winning the Cold War, or the War on Terror, or the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Or the Cultural War.

Or the current War on COVID.

There’s a lot more profit to be made in keeping the war grinding on, and on, and on.

Lots more power, too, be it the Patriot Act power grab, or the open theft of Asset Forfeiture.

Power that can be methodically directed to punish people you don’t really like, too. See Nixon and Black Americans, and the mysterious refusal of Obama to lift a finger to stop it in eight years.

(Don’t blame me: I pushed for Ron Paul.)

Christians, on the other hand, are expected to pursue justice, and encourage liberty.

Certainly, drugs should be legalized.

I’m not so hot on taxing drugs — the State is rather incompetent/self-serving in all things, including medical services1 — but taxing drugs is definitely more Biblically permissible and lawful than the income tax, or even property tax for that matter.

1When the State becomes obviously incapable of fighting crime, then the fake God of Men goes down.

Note that the magistrate as a minister of God is supposed to fight crime, Biblically defined… and that’s all. But guns and power and zero accountability to anyone outside/above itself attracts the Compassionate Ones and their intense Love of Power, cloaked in the Love of the People…

…and fortified by their Hatred of God.

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