The People Who Love to Kill

The moral misery of many left-wing intellectuals manifests itself in verbal ferocity, exhortations to violence, demonization of opponents, and lack of respect for the dignity of individuals. It is no coincidence that in the last 150 years, as noted by George Watson, all those who have theorized or advocated the extermination of peoples or social groups have called themselves “socialists.” No exception to this rule can be found.37

Moral misery is frequently linked to existential misery, which expresses itself in pathological egocentricity, vanity, the frenzied desire to always be in the limelight by espousing all the cultural fashions of the moment, servility, opportunism, parasitism toward one’s neighbors, the inconsistency between lofty proclamations, and crude or evil actions.


37. George Watson, The Lost Literature of Socialism (Cambridge: Lutterworth Press, 1989).

Rousseau, Guevara, Marx and More: The Moral and Intellectual Bankruptcy of the Left
Guglielmo Piombini, Bernardo Ferrero

Christians ought to keep an eye on the socialists.

There will always be deprived murderers, thieves, liars, and anti-human types out there, this side of the Second Coming.

God calls us to stand against the wicked.


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