Charismatic Calvinist? That’s what we need!

The combination of the Father’s Authority and Law AND the wisdom and and grace of Holy Spirit AND the Lordship-Salvation of Jesus Christ is UNSTOPPABLE.

(What I fail to mention here – the love, patience, and long-suffering nature of the Godhead – is profoundly shared among all three. Like their holiness and godly nature, their love and compassion cannot be truly centred on just one Person of the Trinity.

And unlike their strictly godly attributes – omnipotence and omniscience, say – divine love and compassion can be fully shared with those mortals who call Jesus both Lord and God.)

I still remain hostile to the very concept of the seminary: but if these churches (and their future – and prayerfully, even more holy, powerful, and redemptive – successors) continue on the upward path, they will learn to ditch that corrupt innovation, and hew closer to the apprenticeship model endorsed by God Himself, in the Bible.

The future is looking better and better!

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