… The Urge to Rule It

Salvation is tied to health, and salvation is tied to a priesthood.

A ruling priesthood.

Note that Pharaoh cemented his power over Egypt because he controlled enough food to feed Egypt.

So, what is the difference between Christians offering salvation, and today’s Public Health Experts offering salvation?

  • Besides the recommendations of the Public Health Officials vis-a-vis COVID-19 — vaccination – masks, social distancing, quarantines – being utterly ineffective, striping agency, liberty, income, wealth, and hope from entire societies while empowering the State (including its Public Health Officials)…
  • …while Christian faith actually having health benefits – and social and financial benefits – in the here and now, as well as empowering ordinary people to stand against their Loving Oppressors?

The salvation of Christ comes with laws and commandments on the priesthood — the community of saints, from the widow to the pastor — and punishment on the priesthood if they fail to uphold the commandments of God.

The salvation from the State explicitly and pointedly empowers the State’s priests to take what they please, saying what they please, imprisoning what they please, forcing people to do what the priesthood please, and killing who the priesthood pleases.

Without any fear of punishment, accountability, or reprisal, whatsoever, regardless of how destructive and lawless and unjust their actions are.

*Waves to Governor Cuomo*

Salvation provided by the State is a fraud and a lie.

Salvation provided by Christ is the real deal.

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