Of Yoga and Masks and Christian Children

A repost from LewRockwell’s The New York Times Explains That Mask Wearing Helps To “Rewire” Children By Allan Stevo

–<Quote begins>—

The Significance Of Distraction 

Maria Montessori (1870-1952) writing in  demonstrates the need for a child to be left alone to focus. It is one of the main conflicts between the adult world and the child world — an inability for an adult to leave the child alone to focus.

Instead, there is commonly a goal to push the child to comply with the adult’s hectic schedule or any adult schedule. Schedules are not all bad, but sometimes schedules provide more distraction from what is really important than they provide benefit.

Montessori argues, that for a child to learn to the best of his ability, a child needs not a busy schedule of being shuttled to and fro at the whim of some external force, but that child instead needs a massive amount of peace and quiet. It is possible that this constant distraction is not only harmful for the child but may be harmful for the adult as well. We are all benefitted by the discipline that comes from saying “No!” to the outside world more and allowing oneself to slow down and to focus on that which matters most.

Wearing a mask has been described by many children as “distracting.” A mask distracts a child from more meaningful pursuits and keeps a child obsessed with the carnal discomfort that youthful bodies seldom know. If you can keep a child distracted from birth onward, that child never finds the focus to figure out core truths in life. The more that can be done, the less that child is able to find those core truths.

If you can continue that distraction into the adult years — the preventing of a person from meditating on a truth — then that person has never had a chance to get to know truth and to encounter important revelations.

One may meditate on a truth. One may alternately engage in the mind clearing nature of yoga, also called meditation, but in fact the opposite. That the meditation on a truth and the mind-clearing “meditation” about nothing go by the same name does not make them the same activity.

Yoga — A Fitting Religion For Our Time 

Yoga is a fitting religion for our time in which constant noise is dedicated to distracting a person from focusing on what matters, distracting one from meditating on truth. Then, exhausted by daily life, that individual finds refreshing calm in the yogic practice of clearing one’s mind and focussing on nothing.

The net result is a day in which an individual has figured out how to spend an entire day focussed on nothing meaningful.

Yoga helps many to bring calm to a life filled with motion, but which is generally absent a pursuit for anything meaningful. With yoga, one can be convinced that any disquiet in this situation is not due to the very foundations of the situation being rotten, but instead due to a lack of quiet meditation on nothing. With yoga, modernity then has another tool by which to say “Bummed about life? Just spend more time meditating on nothing, and you’ll feel great.”

The calm such an approach to life offers can be so very alluring. A busy world can be well-served by more calm. The calm that serves the individual, though, is a calm that comes from a disciplined pursuit of what matters, rather than a calm that comes from a focus on nothingness. The calm comes from having real boundaries, not from having a life devoid of boundaries and then pretending an hour of savasana sets you right. It might temporarily calm you down, but it is not setting you right. Used in such a way, yoga is just another of the many drugs modernity uses to distract from the root of the problem.

And Face Masks Are A Fitting Accoutrement

Again, to “pay attention” to nothing meaningful is to be distracted. To live day after day, week after week like this, is to build a practice of distraction and to live a life of distraction. Yoga makes the modern life of distraction tolerable, but is itself just really the same distraction.

Face masks are the same fitting accoutrement for a society that says “How can we get people to pay attention to distraction as much as possible?” This is to encourage frivolity in life, when seriousness about the gravity and value of life is what is really needed. Willingness or unwillingness to wear a mask has become the litmus test to seriousness on one hand and the entry pass to clown world on the other hand.

No serious person has acquiesced through 2020 and beyond. One must be fundamentally frivolous to have done so. One must be fundamentally mistaken about the value of life to wear a face mask or to mask a child. That is to say, such a person is distracted or “pays attention” to distraction.

Though said to be built upon countless centuries of study on the importance of breath, yoga facilities and yoga practitioners, are almost exclusively so very willing to fully support mask policies. This behavior is telling. Words can be so vain. It is through action that one’s values are revealed.

The good news is that anyone can turn over a new leaf any time he wants to. I invite you to disable the frivolous and to join me in that which matters, giving your life and the lives of those around you all the seriousness that such a realization entails.

New York Times: Masks Groom Children To Accept That which They Intuitively Know To Be Uncomfortable And Wrong 

With the realization that billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, a pedophile and sex trafficker, and his partner Ghislaine Maxwell were friends and associates to hundreds and maybe thousands of the most powerful people on the planet, the word “grooming” has taken on a new meaning in popular usage.

It is not to care fastidiously for one’s appearance, but to prepare a child for comfort in the presence of the vile. Though I am not grateful for the horrors that had to occur for me to recognize this practice and to have it thrust painfully in my face in the context of the few media sources that have spoken truthfully about the topic, I am grateful for the clarity. Observe below Danovitch encouraging the grooming of children. Danovitch writes:

“Keeping a mask on over the course of a school day involves the kind of self-control and self-regulation that many children find challenging.”

To lie to a child that a mask works to prevent the spread of a respiratory virus and then to guilt a child into doing that uncomfortable thing that the child inherently knows to be wrong is abuse. Some children are so abused that they even going so far as for the child to come to believe not their intuition as proper, but to instead believe the abuser as proper.

Encouraging a child to exhibit self-control in the face of child abuse is called grooming. Some segments of our society encourage this. It aides the abuser. It allows abusers to do more abusing. Physical abuse is a gateway for sexual abuse. Sexual abuse is a gateway for physical abuse. No abuse is good abuse.

Using a face mask, applied as Danovitch and her colleagues suggest, your child can come to love and respect their abuse and their abusers. All that need be done is to use a face mask according to public health protocols.

New York Times: Masks Groom Children To Accept Abusive And Senseless Rules 

Grooming has a far more sinister meaning, but it is a term that can also be applied to the incrementalism around other boundary-encroaching behavior. Abusers, bullies, and all forms of sociopaths like to push and withdraw, push and withdraw, push and withdraw, until a person allows his boundaries to incrementally move far beyond where a person would have allowed those boundaries to move in one fell swoop. The degenerate knows the power of incremental degeneracy to change a person. That is part of grooming. Danovitch writes:

“Younger children must inhibit the urge to pull off their mask, and older children must be mindful of when their mask is slipping down or when it’s OK to take it off.”

If you want to raise a slave or a mindless cog in the system, this approach from Danovitch is a solid one. The Molechian degeneration of the face mask is, then, perfect for you and your family. You are also then a sicko. Next time someone asks about your faith practices, be honest and say, “I worship the Canaanite God Molech.”

—<Quote ends>—

The first act of a faithful Christian man is to get his children out of the explicitly anti-Christian public education system.

Rushdoony spells out why in The Messianic Character of American Education. Hint: the “messiah” exalted by the State schools isn’t Jesus Christ.

John Taylor Gatto’s The Underground History of American Education: A School Teacher’s Intimate Investigation Into the Problem of Modern Schooling demonstrates Our Better’s goals for your children, as demonstrated in the education system of New York City.

The frothing desire to mask and vaccinate children, to protect the interest of adults, is simply the next step on the road to hell and death.

Hell is a painful place, an impoverished place, a hopeless place, an oppressive place, a powerless place, an ignorant and blind place.

Don’t let our intensely Anti-Christian Betters bring Christian children into that damned slave pen.

(And I’m just speaking of hell, and not the even worse Lake of Fire: the natural and inevitable destination of all those who follow the Snake.)

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