Sidestepping the Lunatics

Quora: Why do right-wingers on Quora so frequently disable comments? Why are they so afraid of dialogue and of having their ideas challenged?

—<Quote begins>—

Answered by Igor Rouzine

That is not correct. In the few Right Spaces where I am a Moderator, it is prohibited to disable comments.

The problem is that most comments from leftists are obnoxious. They usually recite their credo and shame the poster for not sharing it, without addressing the post.

The Head of Human Resources at Sorbonne Université, campus Pierre et Marie Curie, where I worked for 4 years, is a good example of an ideological fanatic. A local snitch reported to him that my posts on Quora —oh horror! — do not toe their radical party line. I think it was my critique of BLM, but I am not sure, because he never told me. First, the idiot started to threaten my charming Director who was never exposed to real-life Marxists before and hence was a bit scared. Then, he summoned me to his office and told me, in a pleasant tone, surprisingly good English, and in the presence of a colleague from my Institute, that unspecified “people” are “offended” by my posts on Quora, which are “as shameful for Sorbonne as if I would be stopped by the police for a drunken disorder with a Sorbonne ID in my pocket”, and that he insists that I hide my affiliation.

Later, the bigot refused to support my grant application to NIH by using a stupid pretext of “impending construction”. I had a strong feeling of déjà vu. Yhis anti–social —and illegal —conduct reminded me of Communists in USSR, who forced their beliefs on the entire population and never cared about the law.

So much for the City of Light!

The French Minister of Education Mme Vidal seems to agree with me. She calls the Islamo-Left “the gangrene of our Universities”.

This is all the Left have to say and do. These primitive lifeforms do not think, argue, or dispute your points. They do not have the intelligence. They simply silence you. Possessed with their mad beliefs and enjoying the sense of moral superiority, the ignoramuses do not care about Constitution and liberties and have about as much tolerance to dissent as Joseph Stalin. Given an opportunity, they would kill tens of millions once again.

Only brutal force can stop these thugs. Do not bother talking to them. Report them, expose them, insult them. Face them in the court of law. In my case, it was a temporary contract in a foreign country, so I left it to the French to deal with their scum. Improving France is not my function, obviously.

Back to the question at hand. For totalitarian propaganda, we already have CNN and many other such ‘sources’, so I delete preachy comments and block the Pavlov dogs that bark at me the PC views. But if a person starts a dialogue, I respond until it remains a dialogue. The comments I like most are, as follows:

“Can you please provide а link or evidence for your statement that…”

After a couple of questions and answers, usually he (or she) is unpleasantly surprised that such evidence, in fact, exists, starts to get angry, and reiterates his creed. What! My favorite newspaper is wrong! How dare you!

—<Quote ends>—

The time and energy of Christians is valuable.

We have to know when we should reach out, when we stop casting pearls to swine, and when to just cut them out of our lives.

One good thing: as the power and wealth of their deity, the State, goes down, they will be increasingly unable to slow God’s men down.

The real question is, will Christians again turn to all-powerful men and all-powerful institutions for salvation, instead of the All Powerful God?

Hint: idolatry is a sin, punishable with death and hellfire.

“The problem is that most comments from leftists are obnoxious. They usually recite their credo and shame the poster for not sharing it, without addressing the post.”

We Christians need to address the post – the main point of the enemy’s argument. If the foundation of our opposition is grounded in the Bible, we had better spell it out, rather than go run and hide and wrapped our opposition in “the Law of Nature” or “All Reasonable Men think…”

God blesses those who stand with Him, who are on the side of light and truth.

But those who stand with lies and the darkness of ignorance (especially willful ignorance) are cursed by God.

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