COVID in Xian

The wrong response. A road that no Western nation would have even considered before 2020, when Our Leaders decided to imitate the authoritarian incompetence of Communist China.

Such a novel, original, worthless, and destructive way to handle a disease that has a 10% death rate for people over 75… and is effectively harmless for those under 50.

I am confident that every nation gets the leadership it deserves: even the dictatorships. The power-hungry can only crush men and lives if the uniformed rank-and-file obey.

Even so, Chinese complaints regarding rule by above-the-law tyrants still are of some truth, and are heard before the Throne of God.

We in the West have no such excuse. If even a substantial percentage of Christians – yes, even in pointedly anti-Christian societies such as Sweden – decide to put a stop to this kind of thing, then it will stop.

(Note that pagan Sweden is a lot more free, and has a lot less of this oppressive nonsense, than many more religiously observant places.

We Christians have something to learn from them!)


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