Little to Fear from China

Note that all of this incompetence and corruption is AFTER an 11-year anti-corruption campaign, from the head of a totalitarian atheistic oppressive one-party state.

Americans — and the West — have little to fear from such total failures.

(I am tempted to say “nothing to fear”… but something is holding me back.

Perhaps our own corruption and delusions, stemming from our own wanna-be totalitarian atheistic one-party oppressive Woke people?)

Rather than fear the sterile and incompetent Chinese, we have everything to fear from Him who is sees – and despises – our own corruption.

We may well mock the Chinese, whose highways collapse because a heavy truck is driving off-centre.

But in a generation, will it be the same way in the West? Especially after the “Math is Racist” people get their way in the universities, the government, and the engineering and scientific societies?

We will see. But right now, things don’t look too good for us.

Repentance is necessary.

And Christians must lead the way in that, if we are ever to lead society in general.

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