The Designed Universe, and the Existence of God

From Uncommon Descent, If Math Is A Reality, Atheism Is Dead

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This from ScienceAlert:

Earlier this year, researchers discovered what they described as a previously unknown law of nature: a growth pattern which describes how pointed shapes form again and again in nature – from shark teeth and spider fangs to bird beaks and dinosaur horns.

“The diversity of animals, and even plants, that follow this rule is staggering,” evolutionary biologist Alistair Evans from Monash University in Australia said at the time they discovered the mathematical formula, dubbed the ‘power cascade’.

“We found it almost everywhere we looked across the kingdoms of life – in living animals, and those extinct for millions of years.”

Back in 2015, scientists were also delighted to find a classic formula for Pi – the ever-constant ratio between a circle’s circumference and its diameter – lurking in hydrogen atoms.

In a roundabout way, that discovery leads us back to the idea that mathematics provides a structural framework for the physical world. It’s an interesting idea to entertain – so long as your head doesn’t explode.

Claire Watson, “What if Math Is a Fundamental Part of Nature, Not Something Humans Came Up With?” at ScienceAlert (January 2, 2022)

No head explode. We live in a designed universe. Math proves it.

Hat tip: Philip Cunningham

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The funeral services for atheism?

Oh, you mean Easter!

Well, I do like Easter, but most Christians (and the general popular culture) prefers Christmas.

Eh. I can live with either – Passover, too.

From Uncommon Descent, A Teenager Does A Good Job Of Explaining The Existence Of God.

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If it weren’t for God, you would not know anything at all.

Hat tip: Philip Cunningham

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Kudos to the young lady!

We are going to need more young men – make and female alike – who can think and fight.

They are going to need determination, commitment, grit, courage and faith as well — everything that their elders lacked.

(That’s why we’re in the fix we’re in: not the failure of the young, but the failure of the old.)

It’s time to change things, and the young and committed Christians are the people who will have to do it.

And not the aging Good Losers and the Run-from-the-fight Rapture People of previous generations.


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