Raising a Godly Future: You Get What You Put In

Parents want to make sure they give their kids room to explore religious questions for themselves, and don’t want to do anything to alienate their kids or provoke teenage rebellion. These are legitimate concerns, and if children feel like religion has been “rammed down their throats,” this may serve to push them away

But my study suggests that, on average, the barrier to passing on the faith is not too much religious socialisation, but too little. Taking too light a touch with religious parenting comes at a cost. If kids do not receive a clear and consistent message from their parents that religion is important, they are likely to simply conclude that it is not important.

In eras past, religion may have been pervasive enough that parents could assume children would receive religious socialisation from the surrounding society, from peers or other adults in their lives, or even at school. But in 2022, if they do not encounter religion in a serious way at home, they are not likely to get it anywhere else.

While the challenges of passing on the faith remain considerable, religious conservative parents are managing that challenge somewhat better than others, and their secret is simple: when it comes to religious parenting, be hands-on.

Why are some parents more successful at passing on their faith?
by Jesse Smith

Religious conservative parents need a far higher bar than being “somewhat better than others” at transmitting their faith to their children.

The current culture is organized to take our futures away from us, and place them under the direction of our enemies as long and as vigorously as possible. (See: public schooling, media, university.)

If you want to change the world, now and in the future, you aren’t going to do it by following the crowd, or passively sticking with the herd.

A price must be paid, if you want to build your children up to where they should be.

Fortunately, that price (as of 2022) is lower than it has been for a long time, outside of Europe. France recently banned homeschooling, and both Germany and Sweden have a deep hostility to parents directing their children.

“Stop stealing the Property of the State!
WE are the Lord, WE own your children,

WE have the Power, WE make the Law!
There is no Law above our word,

nothing we cannot steal just as we please!

“Power Justifies All Things.”

Some people hate the future… especially a future outside the control of Our Betters.

We must build the future. A future that is shaped by God, and not by todays unaccountable Aristocracy of Power.

Todo that, it is important that our children know what to do, and how to live.

But they must also understand why they live, why they faith comports with reality, and wisely determine for themselves what God wants them to do.

They must also know when to fight, how to fight, and what prices they are willing to pay to change the world for the better, to expand God’s Kingdom.

We give the tools, we give our hearts… but all children must leave home, and determine the Holy Spirit’s will for their lives, in their own hearts.

This is where prayer comes in, as well as the example of our lives.

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