“Prepare to Thrive” (Addendum, “Answers to Go”)

Join Patricia Engler (with Michaela Duncan, the book designer) as she unboxes her new book, “Prepare to Thrive: A Survival Guide for Christian Students” in the Answers in Genesis warehouse.

Action is being taken, finally, to give a real hand to Christian students in a hostile nation.

First: God bless the Answers in Genesis people! They do the work, so they get the holy reward: small now methinks, but bigger – perhaps MUCH bigger – two, three generations from now.

Second: Angry glares at the churches who would not dare stand up for their little ones. Someone else is going to receive their wages, as well.

“Do you even think they’ll make it to the third generation? I have my doubts.”

Better to be a worthy servant, than to be an unworthy one.

“You see, Christians need answers like never  before. And as our Western culture’s become  more secular, we’re increasingly seeing the  Bible and Christian values mocked and attacked.  Believers need to be equipped.”

This has been true in elite circles for at least two centuries, and in common culture since the Scopes Trial: a useful manufactured media event, so far as the Progressives are concerned.

Note that the vast majority of churchmen chose to bend the knee to the contemptuous enemies of God… as they craved the approval of powerful men much more than the approval of God.

It takes a non-denominational charity to get any sort of coherent defence – never mind a proper offence – going!

More is needed than this: but that’s on us, far more than it is on Answers in Genesis, who at least showed up on the battlefield with weapons and a plan.

It’s time for the rest of the Christians to catch up to where they are… and then, surpass them.

Not only are we to show up on the battlefield, we are expected to win.

In time and on earth.

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