The Fellowship of Christian Reconstructionist Churches

The Fellowship of Christian Reconstructionist Churches is a decent start.

God bless them!

We need more God-obedient churches, supporting and helping out other God-obedient churches.

Today, Methodists and Baptists require seminary certification. Pentecostals and charismatics do not. The most extensive revival in the history of the church has been taking place in the Third World since 1970, and it is almost entirely the result of non-seminary trained Pentecostals and charismatics.

One major exception is the movement known as CGM or church growth movement. This is overwhelmingly a movement of small house churches. There is no seminary training associated with CGM. It is growing rapidly in India and sub-Saharan Africa.

Pastoral Training in 2021: It’s Still 1808 in America
Gary North

Small house churches, multiplying like rabbits, is what I’m really interested in.

Leveraging the Internet to help the mutual support and bonding of these house churches – without the hierarchal control pyramids, or denominational centralization of authority – is intriguing.

Keep out the seminaries: the faster they wither on the vine and die off, the better. Too many times, they are merely a control peak to quickly spread antiChristian poison into the students (and so to the congregation, and throughout the Body of Christ), while also loading crippling debt and stealing years from the young men’s life.

(All while teaching the students to write boring term papers and seek security above all things: the Establishment model for preaching and living out the Law-Word of God.)

Strike the head of the serpent.

Spread and strengthen the Kingdom of God.

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