The Loss of the Artist

From Healing the Damage Caused by Bad Theology, by By Martin G. Selbrede

—<Quote begins>—

Concerning students in the Third World, van der Waal adds, “let us hope that they are not burdened with a wrong understanding of the sojourner motif that puts the brakes on true Christian cultural activity.” [52] The impact that pietism has had on the arts deserves special censure from van der Waal:

How many artists have we lost for the church, because the church paid no attention to their profession? … While Vincent van Gogh lived in Amsterdam, he heard sermons in the white plastered church buildings of the Dutch Reformed church. They did not help him, however, because they were moralistic or focused on the supernatural, and drove him into the desert. [52]

—<Quote ends>—

Note that the church, by and large, continues to refuse to pay the slightest attention to the artist or the craftsman, in his skilled profession

Or to the Java programmer, CNC operator, or agricultural biologist for that matter.

At least those white plastered church buildings in the Netherlands are empty and silent now, by grace of God. Why should men – believers or no – waste time there? Why should God tolerate His name to be blasphemed there?

After all, the rapidly aging seminary students who preside there there merely have the skill of writing and reading academic papers – academic papers with the stamp of approval of our uncompromising academic establishment, too!

Born-again believers should be appalled at what Biologos and their contributors have stated in clear contradiction to the revealed word of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ, as we will show. We encourage you to read the following article (and part 2 next week) and share with others to warn against this organized and influential group of false teachers that so often teach at Bible Colleges and seminaries all over the world.

BioLogos: House of Heresy & False Teaching, Part 1
Calvin SMith

After all, antichrists like BioLogos could not teach at Bible Colleges and seminaries without an invitation by that institution’s leadership.

These leaders are perfectly satisfied with the state of Christianity in the west – a dying Roman gnostic mystery cult, which laughs at the explicit commands of God and flicks away the need to the build the Kingdom of God, but takes every word of Caesar very seriously indeed.

The leadership is worthless, the seminary is worthless, and the denominations are worthless. Tasteless salt, fit only to be trampled under the feet of scornful and contemptuous men.

As it is today.

But the word of God must still be preached. And the Kingdom of God must still extend far beyond any church’s four walls, to cover the earth. As it is in heaven.

The work of God must still be done, by His people on earth, filled with the Holy Spirit.

Including the artist. And the engineer, the stone mason, the astronaut.

And definitely the housewife: guardian of the future, she is of no less importance than any of the above… and can be reasonably claimed to be of greater importance!

We need to find, generate, bless, train in the scripture, and anoint a new leadership. Better, competent, God-first shepherds for God’s flock.

But how?

Something to consider, and feverently pray for.

Of course these “Churches” are not what the New Testament means when it talks about the ecclesia. The institutional Churches are networks of mere Christian mystery cults, not communities of God’s people living as a Christian social order and discipling the nations by modelling to the world what true society should be. The word ecclesia is a political term, not a cultic term. There were words that could have been used in the first century to describe the meetings of Christians as essentially devotional mystery cults, which is what the Churches are today. But the Bible avoids these terms like the plague, and uses instead an intensely political term that was guaranteed to provoke the Roman political authorities like a red rag to a bull. The ecclesia is the assembly of the demos  (the people) for political purposes, in other words it is the parliament of another political order, the kingdom of God.

The Church has become a second rate alternative to the kingdom of God, and Church planting a third rate alternative to the Great Commission to make Christian nations. Jesus never commanded us to make disciples of all nations. He commanded us to make all nations his disciples.

Church Planting – Totally Cockeyed

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