Sons of the Law

I was so distracted by the Focus on the Family article, that I forgot to mention one of the main reason to teach children to seriously grasp and understand, and reason with the Bible.

The Bible demands solid intellectual chops to grasp, understand… and weld successfully. There are quite a number of good reasons why you should develop a strong grip of systematic logic, to handle it properly. To truly understand what God has to say, you need to be able to follow long chains of logic.

Visual skills are not enough: cultural leaders need to read, and read well. And good writing stems from good reading… and by having a purpose, a drive, a vision, behind what you write.

Kids who spend their youth on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and TicTok are not going to develop the ability to handle long chains of logic.1

Children who have a disciplined focus on studying the Bible — for history, for law, for ethics, for storytelling, to better grasp the Mind of God, to understand their mission, their calling, in life — are going to stand heads and shoulders above their peers academically, intellectually, professionally.

Just ask the Jews… especially the Orthodox ones.

You know, the ones who take God’s LawWord seriously — sometimes and partially, at least (which is FAR more than 95%+ of Christians do!) — and tends to have four young children per household.

Smart folks, Jews.

They have an eye for the future, as we should.

As of 2022, the number of Jews on the Supreme Court — and any other centre of intellectual excellence — far outweigh their population percentage. (Well, outside of Israel, anyways.)

It’s about time we Christians started to develop a voice, a drive for excellence, a will to win, that far exceeds out numbers.

We did it before.

And if we choose to, we can do it again.

It’s about time we decided to earn the right to lead, in the eyes of both God and Men, via superior service, greater commitment, and a willingness to pay the price — even across families and generations — for the triumph of the Kingdom of God, of Christ and His Law-Word, over each and every alternative.

It’s time for the good guys to win…

… and keep on winning.


It’s the way God wants it to be.

And what God wants, we His servants are to provide.

1Well… there are good, long-running, educational videos on YouTube. But most of the views go to videos of under two minutes, and most people spend all of three seconds to decide if they want to watch the rest of the video.

2By definition, this means that it’s time for the bad guys to lose, and keep on losing, forever.

Satan – and his numerous followers – don’t like that bit.

But Jesus Christ is the victor — the Winner Man, as an old song goes — and that’s reality.

In time, and on earth.

It’s such fun to see such fun to see… Satan lose.

Jesus is the winner man, the winner man, the winner man.

Jesus is the winner man, the winner man all the time.

Those who follow Jesus get to win, too.

And not just in heaven, either!


Quoted from Evolution News: Watch: Kid Explains Intelligent Design to His Dad

—<Quote begins>—

Over the past weekend at our Dallas Conference on Science and Faith, YouTube video producer Joel Park let us know about this: a video with his son Tor in which the young gentleman walks his dad through a detailed account of the arguments in Stephen Meyer’s Signature in the Cell. Get ready to be impressed. The kid is 14 years old and it seems clear that he’s got a future ahead of him as a communicator. The father-son rapport is very cute, too. They cover, among other things, what distinguishes intelligent design from creationism, what information is and what forms it takes, what that has to do with DNA, what’s the difference between a deduction and an inference, the RNA World theory, panspermia, the multiverse, and more. The lucidity of the younger individual’s grasp of ID, his ability to concisely explain it, is quite something. Tor could probably help out in tutoring some adult ID critics I can think of. Watch this:

—<Quote ends>—

Published by EV on this same day, natch.

I don’t believe in coincidences.

I do believe in Providence.

With a capital P.

I do believe that God wants, encourages, and expects excellence from His people, young and old, boys and girls, men and women.

God wants the best form us, in time and on earth.
(And in eternity, too!)

Let’s give the best to Him, and win, in time and on earth.
(And in eternity, too!)

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